Not EXACTLY a test, but…

Posted: 7 October 2011 in Uncategorized

OK, this is more of a test post than anything else, since I’m just trying out various ways of posting to this place.

Although I expect to be posting mainly from the iPad or iPhone, there’s still the possibility I’ll be posting from my PC, and so far it looks like the best method is to write it in the old LJ Client I have (Semagic) and then cut and paste into WordPress.

Still, that’s nothing to interest you, is it?

Here, have something to make you smile, Hils Barker from her set at The Distraction Club:

  1. I didn’t know Semagic worked on iPhone and iPad. Neat to know. I like Semagic for the PC.

  2. Might be my bad phraseology, but no – Semagic is limited to PC… I’ll be using the WordPress apps for iPad and iPhone to post on the move.

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