Is it any wonder?

Posted: 10 October 2011 in personal
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Was talking with a friend the other day, and – mainly, I suspect, because she’s substantially younger than me – she’d never heard of H.R. Pufnstuf.

Never even heard of it. [sigh]

If you’ve never heard of it either, watch the following. Remember: this is what my generation grew up watching on television. And think how our delicate brains might have been affected…

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing we grew up watching.

No, we had the cultural milestone that was Mary, Mungo and Midge:

And Follyfoot:

And that’s leaving aside Banana Splits, King Arthur and the Square Knights of The Round Table and Hector’s House.

It does explain a lot, be fair…

  1. jayneclaire says:

    I know of Mary Mungo and Midge, but only because of my parents. Mainly my father, he got it on VHS for us or something like that.We spent many hours watching a lot of Oliver Postgate shows. They were nice. The other two I don’t recognise. I suppose it’s like me trying to explain ‘Greenfingers’ to someone a little younger than me.

  2. Vix says:

    I have never before been so glad to have grown up in the 80’s! I hadn’t heard of any of those either and I think I preferred blissful ignorance!

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