The fast fiction challenge – the books

Posted: 16 October 2011 in writing

“There are two hundred stories collected in this volume. They are funny, they are thoughtful, they are romantic, they are frightening. To me, though, they are more than entertaining. They are inspiring.”
– Wil Wheaton, from his introduction to volume two of The Fast Fiction Challenge.

I’ve mentioned this previously, in the nFAQ post, but since Clara Benn was kind enough to tweet

Reading @Budgie‘s Fast Fiction Challenge in the bath. Perfect Sunday! Be a dear, post a link, B. (I am NOT holding my phone over the bath!)

it seemed appropriate to do so again.

This was the challenge I issued on my blog:

Reply with a title (maximum of four words)
about which you’d like me to write a fast
fiction of exactly 200 words, together with a
single word you want me to include in the text
of the tale.

Five hundred stories later, here are two volumes of 180 (vol 1) and another 200 (vol 2) of the best tales.

Stories with titles like Why I Chose Insanity, Three Shades Of Yesterday, and Why Is It Orange? and words such as saturnine, cylindrical and azimuth.

The books can be purchased in either print or ebook versions:

Click on this link to be taken to Volume 1 (180 stories) is £6.50, or equivalent in local currency; volume 2 (200 stories) is £7.99

Email me on and I’ll supply the ebook in either .epub or .mobi version on request… Volume 1 (180 stories) is £4.00, or equivalent in local currency; volume 2 (200 stories) is £5.00

  1. Ginger_wookey says:

    I’ve been meaning to order one of them for ages, and have suddenly realised that brief satisfying stories will be perfect for after Baby MoleFace II arrives! Ordered volume 2, really looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks! Hope you like the book!

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