Or to look at it another way…

Posted: 17 October 2011 in world

Maps are wonderful things, you know. At their simplest, they’re an easily understood geographical representation of a location or land mass, showing in various levels of [hopefully accurate] detail, what you want or need to know about that place.

At their simplest.

And then there’s WorldMapper.

WorldMapper.org shows you maps of the world, but rather than sizing countries by land mass, it…

Well, say, have you ever wondered what the world would look like mapped by something other than land mass? Say by…


Alcohol Consumption

Mortality of children aged 1 – 4

Deaths from war in 2002

Toy Imports

Total Elderly

Aircraft Departures

HIV Prevalence

Child Labour

HIV Prevalence

Rabies Deaths 1995-2004

Road Traffic Deaths

War Deaths 1945-2000


Long Term Unemployed

And now some… different ones:

Christians 2002

Jews 2002

Muslims 2002

More maps available at

  1. Jenni says:

    Some of those are quite scary.

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