Oh really…?

Posted: 14 November 2011 in internet

Here’s a game, originally created by Mark Evanier

To quote from Mark:

Below are links and descriptions for five websites. Four of them actually exist on the Internet. One is a phony that we made up. Study all five and see if you can guess which link won’t lead you to the website in question. There is no prize for this except that you get to visit four weird websites and to feel smug if it doesn’t take you five clicks to find the phony. Enjoy.

Here are my five for your delectation. Remember, four of them are actual websites… one of them is a falsie.

Delphion’s Gallery of Obscure Patents – “Have an idea for a necktie gauge or how about a bird trap/cat feeder? Well, you better make sure that your idea hasn’t already been tried. Head on over to the Gallery of Obscure Patents and see what other oddities have been filed at the Patent Office”

Online help for Harvard University’s General Ledger and Journal Entry Process – just what you need in an emergency, detailed instructions on how to operate Harvard’s accounts program.

The Gospel of Theta Sigma – “The secret story of the thirteenth disciple – the biography of The Doctor (from UK’s BBC television series) written as if it’s a new gospel”

The Dull Men’s Club – “Where Dull Men can share thoughts and experiences, free from pressures to be in and trendy, free instead to enjoy the simple, ordinary things of everyday life”

Om Nom Nom Nom – “This website offers you some images to look at, and warns that you should keep saying “omnomnomnom” aloud while looking at these pictures. If not, it claims that you are doing it wrong!”

  1. Vix says:

    Got it in two. :)

  2. Guessed it right off.

    Which was a mild surprise given the supposed topic.

  3. Oh! That was fun! I didn’t guess it right off because they all sounded plausible.

  4. Spindles says:

    Aww… I really wanted that one to exist as well… :(

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