A sign of the Tmies

Posted: 16 November 2011 in internet, personal

I’ve mentioned before the fun there’s sometimes to be had in just enjoying the typos and nonsense that surround us.

And, over the past few years, I’ve taken snaps of just strange signs and just plain weird things I’ve seen.

So here are some of them:

Sometimes it just throws me for a very simple reason.

I mean – what does the sign do on its day off? I’m similarly curious, when I see a pub sign saying “Closed for private party” what the people who’ve booked the room think when they realise they can’t get in.

Then there’s just the misplaced apostrophe, which is irritating anyway, but moreso when it’s on a printer’s sign of some sort:

OK, then we have the sign that doesn’t quite make sense, even though the designers are completely sure of it. Currently, on a building in Newman Street, W1 is the following sign:

So be careful. Because if you observe anyone smoking, they can complain about you to Security…

Now here’s a strange one in the same vein, from a restaurant in Goodge Street:

See the sign on the door?

Here it is in close-up:

Isn’t that kind of them? To tell everyone the times that they’re closed?

How about this one? erm…

Or this one from 2007 (there’s more information about this one here)

And then there’s this, spotted in Chesham, on Monday:

Finally – for the moment – there’s this. Not mine, but too good not to repeat. This was from May this year, on the day of the 2011 election, and is… just… perfect…

  1. Ian. says:

    An office car-park near where I work had “No unauthorised parking without permission”, which bent my brain every time I saw it…

  2. When it’s raining, the dot-matrix display outside Canary Wharf tube station sometimes says “Due to adverse weather conditions, surfaces may become slippery when wet”.

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