Forty-eight years and counting…

Posted: 23 November 2011 in birthday, fiction, media, personal
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With all the fuss about Doctor Who’s first episode airing forty-eight years ago, it’s fair – I think – to remember that at least one other major world event occurred on 22nd November 1963 that had lasting effects on millions and created arguably one of the longest lasting conspiracy theories in the past hundred years.

(Yes, by the way, I’ve already mentioned to me that it was almost exactly nine months before I was born. I was due on 22nd August 1964. I was born five days early. The arithmetic isn’t that difficult to calculate.)

Almost twenty years ago, I was writing for BBC Radio’s Weekending show with a lady called Kim Morrissey. This week, eighteen years ago, the following was broadcast: our tribute to thirty years earlier, and a world-changing event:

    WHO SHOT...?



    Thirty years ago this week an event happened that changed the world. Tonight, we on WEEKENDING pay tribute to a man. A very special man. A man with millions of admirers around the world. A model for a whole generation. There are few who moved so many so strongly so long. We asked a few people how that event thirty years ago affected them:

    MAN 1

    Well, I couldn't watch. I mean, it was just too terrible.

    WOMAN 1

    I couldn't watch. I had to cover my eyes.

    MAN 2

    We all watched - it was unreal...


    This man, whose career was so cruelly cut short by powers beyond his control. Some say assassination... some say conspiracy... All agree he was a man out of his time. Thirty years on, the question on everybody's lips is still, and will always be: "Where were you?" "Where were you thirty years ago... in November 1963... when you first... heard... this...


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