Distracted by christmas clubbing

Posted: 8 December 2011 in personal

I’m on holiday – yes, I know, this is… unusual.

But since it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged, here are some photos and a video from Tuesday’s Distraction Club…

If you’ve not been to The Distraction Club, you’ve missed out.

And you especially missed out on Tuesday, since they didn’t have four acts, as well as Mitch Benn and The Distractions. No, they had over a dozen, including:


Ria Lina!

Hils Barker and Nick Doody!

Loretta Maine!

Hils Barker and Silky – an unplanned duo!

The Segue Sisters!

Spandex Ballet!

Carly Smallman!

Jonni Music!

Rachel Parrish!

Rich Hall!

Kirsty Newton and Rich Hall!

Not forgetting a special appearance from an owl as a birthday present!

It was fairly busy packed solid, and I didn’t get pics of Dan Antopolski or Vicky Stone…

But I did manage to help and supply part of the video for this, the finale…

  1. Brainfrog says:

    Fuckin OWL! And the rest.. was just as epic. Fantastic night. Especially the Bond Villain in the tux…xx

  2. Not seen Silky for bloody ages… Does he still do the Kill For A Seat comedy club? We had some awesome nights at The Bullingdon with that.

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