Been away…

Posted: 16 December 2011 in personal
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Yes, this blog has been quiet for a week or so – been away on my first “proper” holiday for some years…

Antigua, since you ask.

And yes, it’s been lovely – sun, sea, sand,swimming, and some writing.

I’ll start posting again probably over the weekend and continue next week.

Just didn’t want the dozen or so folks who’ve been reading this (at least, I think it’s a dozen or so; feel free to prove me wrong by saying hi in the comments…) to think I’d abandoned it or anything.

My flight’s in about four hours and I’ll be back in the UK Saturday morning.

I understand the weather may come as a bit of a shock after:


  1. hawkesmoor says:

    You may wish to acquire a warm coat at the airport unless you can think of a way to acclimatise quickly!

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