2012 and all that

Posted: 1 January 2012 in Uncategorized

So, by now, it’s 2012 wherever you are.

So many people I know are so bloody glad that 2011’s over, and for myself, I greeted the end of the year with mixed feelings. On the other hand, some of my friends had a simply wonderful 2011.

No-one, however, has a year that’s wholly marvellous or wholly horrible. Sure, the year itself could have been mostly horrible, with only the occasional lighter bit of relief; or it could have been just fantastic, with only a couple of lousy bits.

It may sound trite, but a lot happened in 2011. You’d expect it to. There were 8760 hours in 2011. You slept some of them, had fun during some of them, hated some of them, hated others during some of them, possibly even hated yourself during some of them… and had reason to be very grateful during other hours.

Same as every year.

Me? I had some good, some bad, some weird, some unusual. Let’s just leave it by saying that 2011 was a hell of a year, and leave it at that, eh?


I wish I could come up with something staggeringly original, such as any by Neil Gaiman‘s message, but I can’t.

I can only wish you the following:

  1. May you do something you’re proud of. Whether it’s something you do in your personal life, your professional life, your creative endeavours, or even something in your family life. Something that when you look in the mirror (to shave, put make-up on, etc), you can think about and not wince.
  2. May you know that some people like you, some people care about you, some people love you… and may you accept that knowledge without it freaking you out.
  3. May your friends know that you like them, you care about them, you love them… and may they accept that knowledge without it freaking them out.
  4. May you learn to take compliments gracefully, and even if you don’t believe them for a heartbeat… may you learn to reply in such a way that doesn’t make the other person feel worthless.
  5. May you understand that sometimes, just sometimes, you’re allowed to upset friends, knowing they’ll forgive you.
  6. May you quickly and honestly forgive your friends who upset you.
  7. May you know that when I say “sometimes, just sometimes“, that’s supposed to be an indication that it’s a rare, limited allowance; you’re not supposed to do it daily.
  8. May you remember that being inexperienced, being ignorant and being naive are three different things; may your response to each be different, and appropriate.
  9. May you be inappropriate; everyone needs to be sometimes.
  10. May you be able to make decisions quickly, and not second guess the hell out of every decision you make, and may you be able to deal with the consequences of those decisions.
  11. May you embrace the unexpected, enjoy the unanticipated, and live a year of wonder and dreams unimagined.
  12. May you have a wonderful 2012.


  1. A good set of wishes there. Same back to you.

  2. Jenni says:

    That is a pretty wonderful set of wishes.

  3. Jan Smout says:

    Well I for one wasn’t sorry to see the end of 2011.

    A certain family member’s ill health deteriorating and having to fight the system every step of the way to get her help…

    But the one ray of sunshine in 2011, was standing beside the wonderful man in my life and saying ‘I do’….. so now I have to get used to being called Mrs Smout…. and yes I LOVE it! Me who has always wanted to be a ‘ms’, I’m too old for all that malarky now…..

    I haven’t always followed your blogs recently Lee, so I wish you, Phil and Laura health and happiness in 2012. I know your foot won’t ever get properly better, but I do think of you sometimes and hope you’re coping. You’re a tremendous guy and you deserve the very best.

    Take care this year,

    Jan Smout [nee Collings] xx

    PS: I also do remember the special day coming up soon and I think of him too.

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