Questions, but answers came there none… yet.

Posted: 3 January 2012 in Uncategorized

Occasionally, things concern me.

These aren’t great matters of import. No, those I leave to others to worry about.

Global Warming? Whether there should be another moon shot? War? Sure, like I, me personally, can affect any of them in a meaningful way.

The inherent unfairness of the current tax system? Hey, I’m an accountant, but there are some things you can’t blame on the users of the system.

So what does concern me more than they ever should?

Trivial things. Meaningless things that everyone else makes fun of me when I mention them.

Things like:

– Why do I say I’ll pop ’round to someone “for a coffee” when most folks don’t drink it late at night?

– When did it become the norm to use the expression “the norm”?

– Why is business email still regarded as somehow less formal than a hard copy letter?

– Something that someone else asked, but it’s bugged me: what is the point of perfumed underarm deodorant? If someone is smelling your armpits, surely the seduction is over?

– If it’s the thought that counts, what’s wrong with me just thinking about sending someone a present but not actually doing it?

– Why is “heat” spelled the way it is? It always seems to be spelled wrongly.

– How come I can like two people and have them as close friends of mine, and yet they can’t stand each other?

– Why do the Americans use the date format mm-dd-yy and Europeans use dd-mm-yy? (This one has been bugging me for years and yes, I am that sad and pitiable that I once called up the Library of Congress to ask them if they knew. They didn’t, or at least they told me that they didn’t.)

And some comics related ones:

– If Wolverine has a constant, always-on healing factor, why does he look older now than when his powers kicked in?

And… you stick Sue Richards (aka The Invisible Woman) in a windowless room with black walls, floor and ceiling. The room is lit by a single 60 watt bulb. That’s the only light source. She turns the entire bulb invisible. What happens? Does the room go dark or not? Does your answer change if instead of the room being all black, the walls of the room are mirrored?

  1. Jenni says:

    Well I know who to blame when I’m considering some of this questions next time I see 4am!

  2. Also, now drinks cans have the ring pull attached, and it’s no longer a ring, should we still call it a ring pull?

  3. If she’s made it invisible then it must go dark, whatever colour the room assuming its completely light tight?

    One further question though? What sort of light bulb?

    • Doesn’t matter which type of lightbulb, but the question is, if she turns the emitter invisible, what happens to the light beams that get emmited…?

      • Littlepurplegoth says:

        Ah – type of light bulb does matter. If incandescent there is the heat factor (ouch in short order) if fluorescent there is a UV factor to come into play. I’d expect the invisibility to work by taking something beyond visible wavelengths so that too would work on the light (which way, depending on the heat factor)

  4. Pwahahaha. Errr, I’ll share you mine. When I used to watch Rambo on a loop, I often wondered when he would have time to drop and have a pee and poo.

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