A question from me. An answer from you?

Posted: 12 February 2012 in media, personal

I’ve mentioned before my huge enjoyment of the BBC Radio 4 programme Round Britain Quiz, particularly because of the questions that can at times be horribly obscure, but at other times wonderfully transparent… if you have the slightest inkling of the link.

So, I’m driving today and listening to an old RBQ from 2010 when I hear the following question… and, within about thirty seconds, know I know every part of the answer: six points, thank you very much.

And what’s more, so should most of you.

If you do get the answer, post something cryptic so I know you know, but others still have to guess it, ok?

OK, here’s the question

Who are these fellow travellers, and their friend? One of the most recent might provide a habitat for lilies; another, a few years ago, might come and do your bathroom for you; going back nearly four decades, another could make sure you had sufficient funds; and the very first of all would take charge of the gang.

The team, by the way, got four points out of six, and took several minutes to get there. I’m sure you can do better.

OK, go…

  1. This answer really doesn’t invite scrutiny. :-)

  2. Looked at this.. The the world went all swoosh swoosh and synthethic/orb/farrier at Glastonbury playing with them…?

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