Free ebooks of The Fast Fiction Challenge for 24 hours

Posted: 30 April 2012 in fiction, media, writing
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This offer has now expired

Thanks to all who took part

To mark that it’s 30th April 2012, I’ve decided to give you all a present.

For 24 hours, from noon today British Summer Time, I’m going to give away ebooks of The Fast Fiction Challenge to selected, ah, the hell with it anyone who emails me.

Of course, there are rules, terms and conditions. Here they are:

1. You email me by clicking on this link and tell me which book you’d like me to send you, and in which format (ePub, kindle, etc.)
2. You smile when sending the email. That’s ok, I don’t need to see you smiling – I trust you.

That’s it.

Seriously, that’s it.

What am I giving away? Well, here’s what Wil Wheaton said in the introduction to volume two:

“There are two hundred stories collected in this volume. They are funny, they are thoughtful, they are romantic, they are frightening. To me, though, they are more than entertaining. They are inspiring.”

This was the challenge I issued on my blog:

Reply with a title (maximum of four words)
about which you’d like me to write a fast
fiction of exactly 200 words, together with a
single word you want me to include in the text
of the tale.

Five hundred stories later, there are two volumes of 180 (vol 1) and another 200 (vol 2) of the best tales.

Stories with titles like Why I Chose Insanity, Three Shades Of Yesterday, and Why Is It Orange? and words such as saturnine, cylindrical and azimuth.

The books can be purchased in either print or ebook versions:

Click on this link to be taken to Volume 1 (180 stories) is £6.50, or equivalent in local currency; volume 2 (200 stories) is £7.99

Email me on and I’ll supply the ebook in either .epub or .mobi version on request… Volume 1 (180 stories) is £4.00, or equivalent in local currency; volume 2 (200 stories) is £5.00 Nope, ignore that – for 24 hours, they’re free. Just email me as above.

Why am I doing this? Well, it’s 30th April, why not?

Any other questions?

  1. hawkesmoor says:

    You were supposed to be paying a visit to the Gin Palace at some point and inscribing our copies, you know…

  2. Where can we find the list of these books??

  3. hotelgeek says:

    Crap! I am such a Luddite that the auto emailer is not working and I can’t fix it (Geordie is on vaca(apparently) so for me the link does not work. But I would have started with volume one. And stated that uncle Wil has never steered me wrong with fiction before (though sometimes Scalzi goes over my head) and know I would enjoy your work. This is especially true since I enjoy the concept described behind the work.
    You know for extra cash you could do this for high school students who’d rather be on the field than behind a desk. I think standard USD price is about 5.00/assignment. Or you could get paid in Taco Bell which was standard currency in our household.

  4. zainab says:

    thats just freaky generous of you! Thanks a lot!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Please send me volume 2 .mobi. Thanks!

  6. Isabell says:

    That is wonderful! Thanks heaps!

  7. Tammie Westman says:

    I tried to email but it says the email link isn’t working :( If this counts then a pdf version would be outstanding!

  8. Ammon says:

    What a generous offer! Thank you so much :D

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