Fast Fiction Challenge Classics – She Loved Mr Valentine

Posted: 19 February 2013 in fast fiction, fiction, writing
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Sometimes the response to a fast fiction challenge comes easy, sometimes it takes a long time to not only come up with the story but to get it just right.

Rarely – very rarely – I get an idea from a title and the story just flows.

Like the story you’re about to read. It wasn’t the first I wrote in verse, but it’s probably one of the most suitable to have in that format.

Title: She Loved Mr Valentine
Word: pedagogy
Challenger: Lisa Marie
Length: 200 words exactly

It wasn’t only lust she felt,
‘Twas nothing less than love.
Her thoughts of fondness for the man
Had to come from heav’n above.

The credit was her teacher’s,
The books he’d shown the class.
Pedagogy worked too well –
She’d found her love at last.

And like so many girls before,
She fell for love’s temptation.
Obsession showed her such appeal,
Both fetish and fixation.

Emotions that were new to her,
She revelled in the feeling.
Drowning in desire’s grasp,
Her senses always reeling.

Never thinking that her love for him
Should need to be defended,
Never wond’ring whether innocence
Once broken could be mended.

She knew it was impossible;
She knew they’d never touch
That logic told her to forsake
Her thoughts and dreams and such.

He’d been long dead these hundred years;
His legacy his verse.
Words of love he’d left for her
Her aching heart to nurse.

Constantly reading lines of love,
Her tears making poetry blur
Aching she’d never hear his voice
Reading them lovingly just for her.

And yet in depths of fantasy
Her phone would ring, and he would call.
And then she’d smile.
And cry again.
And stroke the poster on the wall.

© Lee Barnett, 2008

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