Fast Fiction Challenge Classics – Why I Chose Insanity

Posted: 25 February 2013 in fast fiction, fiction, writing
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One of the delights in writing the fast fictions is the responses I get from the challengers when they read the resulting tale.

And my favourite response, the one I hope to get from every story, is “Oh, I didn’t expect that from the title I gave you…”

It’s safe to say that the challenger who gave me this title never anticipated the following. Rather nicely, nor did anyone else.

Title: Why I Chose Insanity
Word: mariachi
Challenger: Challenger: @LiQweet
Length: 200 words exactly

I was going to hurt her, I knew. She’d forgive me, but for a while, there would be no love in her eyes, merely anger and disappointment.

Moments earlier she had lifted her face and had smiled.

I knew she was thinking the same as me: that last night in Mexico City, the mariachi band, when we’d danced the night through. First time we’d actually enjoyed dancing together, when her natural self-consciousness and my clumsiness had both seemed to evaporate in the mood of the night.

We stared at each other for a long moment, then a car backfiring down the street broke the mood, and we smiled before she lowered her head again.

She lifted her hand to brush back a stray lock of hair, and tucked it behind her right ear, while her tongue was endearingly stuck in the corner of her mouth.

I wasn’t sure how quite to play it.


Or Saint?

I had no choice, not if I wanted to retain her respect.

I sighed, checked the board again, looked down at my tray, picked up my seven tiles and began to place the letters, and to claim my 132 points:

I, N, S, A…

© Lee Barnett, 2010

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