Fast Fiction Challenge Classics – After The Funeral

Posted: 27 February 2013 in fast fiction, fiction, writing
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I like stories. That shouldn’t surprise anyone – I like reading them as much as I like writing them. But some stories seem to have always existed.

I hope this is one of them.

Title: After The funeral
Word: hysterical
Challenger: Challenger: @evilgenius815
Length: 200 words exactly

He opened the door of the deceased’s house to three mourners, inviting them to sit at the table, which they did, each in front of a small card, elegantly inscribed with their names.

The man who had welcomed them was suited, polite, with a bland face; he smiled pleasantly as they took their seats. Once they had done so, he placed a still warm revolver on the table.

None of the others were surprised at this, although they showed small amusement at the precocious audacity, much as a teenager might express gentle humour at a child’s fumbling efforts to walk.

The man spoke in a polite and respectful tone, stating that he had taken his predecessor’s place, and had proved his worth by killing he who had come before him. They chuckled at this.

Famine spoke first, and asked a question in a hysterical tone. The man ignored him. Famine was satisfied.

Then War uttered a single word, and was responded to with a different word. War nodded in satisfaction.

Pestilence never spoke. She merely scratched, but the others understood her meaning.

And then there was no man present, but Death took his place at the table, still smiling politely.

© Lee Barnett, 2010

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