How The Twenty-Four Hour Fast Fiction Challenge will work

Posted: 15 March 2013 in 24hrFFC, fiction, writing
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Ok, so in about ninety minutes, I’m going to start The Twenty-Four Hour Fast Fiction Challenge, raising money for Comic Relief.

I haven’t seen the challenges yet, but I’m assured by the laughter, oohs and ahs, and quiet mutterings of “the poor bastard” from Mitch Benn, that I’ve got twenty-four stonking story challenges from the likes of Richard Curtis, Caitlin Moran, Neil Gaiman and others.

So, how’s this going to work?

As I finish each story, I’m going to announce it on twitter and facebook, and post it here on this blog… for about an hour, while I write the next tale. As the next story goes up, the previous story will be hidden apart from the opening sentence.

You’ll be able to watch me doing this at

Full details of the challenge, and a list of the challengers are here, and my Red Nose Day Giving Page at which you can donate (please do so!) is here.

When the whole thing is over, the resulting ebook should be available sometime Saturday afternoon/evening for the delightfully round sum of one pound sterling.

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