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Posted: 18 March 2013 in 24hrFFC, fast fiction, fiction, writing
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OK, it’s a little later than I anticipated, but below are the download links for ebooks of The Twenty-Four Hours of Fast Fiction, the Red Nose Day project I undertook for Comic Relief.

A few thanks and some explanations, however…

The explanations first. You’ll see that I’m making the ebooks free for download. There are lots of reasons for this, including an inability of mine to be able to follow simple Paypal setup instructions… To be fair though, that’s only a minor reason.

Being serious for a moment; when I started this project, I wanted to raise £1,200. I aimed high, never really being convinced that it was possible, and thinking that maybe, if I was lucky, very lucky, we’d hit £1,000.

As I write this, we’re at a shade under £1,300.

We hit the target and then some. YOU hit the target and then some.

The donations I’ve received have astonished me with their kindness and generosity, of all sizes, up to a whopping £240 from Mister Red Nose Day himself, Richard Curtis.

So that’s one reason right there. That kindness and generosity from so many people in a good cause has allowed me to reach the target I hoped for. It’s also allowed me to think that maybe, since Comic Relief is all about asking people to give what they can, maybe I should just do that with the book: make the download free.

Some quick thank you’s before the links:

To all the challengers – thank you so very much. The titles and words you challenged me with were as fine a selection as I could possibly have wished for. And together we raised over £1,300 during the writing of this book.

To those who donated money during the writing – I can’t express my thanks enough. Just… thank you thank you thank you. Thanks also to those who followed us on webcam, or visited the venue, and gave us so much encouragement and support during the twenty-four hours.

To Hayley Gale and Darren Saunders – The technical wonders that kept a live feed going during the 24 hours during which this book was written. Thank you so much for your time, your efforts, your good humour and your friendship.

To Mitch Benn, Clara Benn and Neil Gaiman – This book, indeed this entire project, would ever have happened without you, so thank you all.

To you, who are about to download this book. Thank you…

AND… To Richard Curtis, Comic Relief and everyone who works there – thank you for being there and for doing what you do.

OK, here are the links. As I said, no obligation to donate anything, but if you’ve enjoyed the stories, or expect to enjoy the stories, can I suggest a donation of a pound to charity?

If you want to donate, you can Paypal me any donation on

The links:

Twenty-Four Hours of Fast Fiction ebook – epub (for iBooks)

Twenty-Four Hours of Fast Fiction ebook – mobi (for Kindle)

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