Doctor, doctor

Posted: 5 August 2013 in life, don't talk to me about life, personal

No, not that Doctor.

I may give my views on that casting another time. But this post has been inspired by Dr Philip Hammond, a GP, columnist, medical pundit/observer and very funny man.

He tweeted the following earlier:

And not only am I going to do the same for my recently-former GP, it reminded me that I’d written an email to the surgery when I left them. I’m reproducing the email below exactly as I sent it, with only two small redaction, in which I refer to specific medical conditions. I presume that’s ok? Thanks.

It was addressed to the practice Manager, at Addington Medical Centre, Barnet

Dear Annie,

I write as a [now]-former patient of Addington Medical Centre, having left the practice after about seven years, due to moving from the area.

Had I not moved, I cannot see any circumstances in which I would have left the practice by choice; the reason for this is simple and easy to state: Doctor Awe.

She has been my doctor of choice from the first time I met her; she exemplifies everything that the NHS should be, and everything a doctor should be. She’s kind, knowledgeable, incredibly intelligent and knows her patients. [redaction]…and Doctor Awe has never been less than professional and just plain superb.

She has respect for her patients’ wishes, and while offering advice when needed, help when required and utter complete professionalism at all times, she’s always been ‘there’ when I’ve needed her. Whether it’s been concern over [redacted], or managing long term care over degenerating foot bones (with complications ensuing), she’s been without question the best doctor I’ve ever experienced in my adult life. And I’ll miss her terribly.

One final thing: while discussing her professionalism, I do not in any way wish to omit her… well, there’s no other way of saying it, her friendliness. I cannot conceive of anything I couldn’t tell her about, and if she wasn’t happy about it, I’d receive not judgement, but wary concern.

She’s NICE. Doctor Awe is the example I would give if anyone is scared of doctors and wants someone NICE, someone who’ll talk to you, not at you.

I know I’ve not been the easiest of patients (if she won’t tell you that, I will) but that she still gave me a smile when she called me in, would scold me for stuff knowing I’d take it as precisely that, not a telling off borne from malice, but a caring concern… that’s priceless.

THANK YOU, Doctor Awe. Thank you so much.

I’d be remiss, while writing this however, were I not also to pay tribute to your reception staff who every day, in every contact I’ve had with them, give lie to the stereotypes that prevail. They’ve been just lovely; friendly and just… nice.

I wish you, the practice, your staff, and especially Doctor Awe, every success and best wishes for the future.

Lee Barnett

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