Naah, something’s not right…

Posted: 6 August 2013 in fiction, life, don't talk to me about life, personal, skills, writing
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I’ve been doing some thinking today about thinking: where thoughts come from, where ideas originate, the thought processes that lead from concept to idea to practical consideration of those ideas.

And something’s been running through what I laughingly refer to as my brain, about different skills that people have, and particularly the opposite to the “eureka moment”.

Anyone, in any job, knows the “eureka moment”; it’s that split second when due to your professional expertise, or your knowledge and experience in your chosen career, something ‘clicks’: you solve a problem, you see where the error is, you come up with a solution that’s been bugging you and/or your colleagues.

It feels great when it happens, and for many folks whose primary motivation is the intellectual satisfaction they get from their work, it genuinely does make the rest of the time worthwhile.

So what’s the opposite?

It’s what I’m going to call the “naah moment”, which I’d define as that moment when you look at something and know that it’s not right, but for a second (or even longer) you don’t know why it’s not right.

It’s an accountant looking at a balance sheet and going “Naah”, knowing beyond peradventure that something’s just not quite right about it.

It’s an artist looking at an image and seeing something wrong, but it takes a moment to see why.

It’s a writer, reading a piece of prose and just knowing that there’s a better way of putting it, but not immediately being able to reword it.

It’s a musician hearing a piece of music and it being ‘off’ but for a moment, or for days, the musician can’t quite say why.

The “naah moment”.

But what’s really making me wonder – and ponder – is that if it’s true that different parts of the brain deal with different appreciations: the parts of the brain that deal with vision are different from those that process hearing, say, then does the “naah moment” originate in different parts of the brain depending upon who’s thinkin’ it?

Hmm – something to think about? Naah, maybe not.

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