2014 minus 45: A Sunday Smile

Posted: 17 November 2013 in saturday smiles
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Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…

To be fair, it’s been a while, prior to the most recent week, since I’ve blogged at all, but since I have started again, I figured it was worth resurrecting this… well, it’s probably too semi-regular to properly call it a ‘tradition’, but I have few enough in this blog that it might as well serve as such.

So what is a Saturday/Sunday Smile? It’s nothing, no serious plan involved. Nothing really other than to stick up some videos and perhaps the odd image or two that will lighten your day, give you a brief smile or – on occasion – make you laugh.

There’s no other agenda, no linking theme, no ‘message’, other than you’ve probably had a hard week and want to relax.

I’ve had a crap week in many ways, and I’m aware that a number of people I know have had similar. (And some of the crapness others have suffered through have involved me, which is never pleasant… for anyone involved.)

So everyone could probably do with a smile or two. I may be overwhelmingly biased here, but given my advanced age, I think I’ll be forgiven for concentrating today on a ‘the oldies are the goodies’ theme.

Hmm… Where to start.

So, The Two Ronnie’s Courtroom sketch. How much do you recognise…?

I know, that if you mention anthromorphised pandas to most Brits, the Kit Kat ad springs to mind.

But if it’s possible for a sketch to be a classic when virtually no-one’s seen it, here’s a classic, the end of which I was reminded about only two days ago… from Who Dares Wins

And finally, FINALLY, in the week where we’re celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who, here, if you’ve never seen it, is THE CURSE OF FATAL DEATH, one of the best possible and most affectionate nods to the legacy of Doctor Who, from 1999, made for Comic Relief, and written by one Stephen Moffatt, some eleven years later to become the showrunner and main writer for the show.


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