2014 minus 44: Classic fast fiction – Death Of A Nation

Posted: 18 November 2013 in fast fiction, writing
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I wrote something for tiday’s blog entry, but you know what? It’s not ready to be read yet… And I’d rather not release it until I’m happy with it.

So, instead, here’s a classic fast fiction challenge, a little tale described as ‘awesome’ by none other than Wil Wheaton.


Title: Death Of A Nation
Word: subhuman
Challenger: Captain Carrott
Length: 200 words exactly

The flyer was salmon pink: apparently a paedophile was moving into the area and of course by city bylaw we were obliged to be informed by the sex offender himself – at his expense.

Presumably he had chosen to circulate them in the small hours of the morning. Not unusual; one night we received so many flyers of different colours that the people delivering them must have had to queue.

I put the new one on the pile of multicoloured similar flyers by the back door. Salmon for sex crimes; blue for murder; yellow for fraud; brown for non-sexual assault; and of course white lettering on black background for that most heinous of offences: using the wrong colour form.

It had started with Megan’s Law, of course. And then it had spread.

If paedophilia, why not rape? Why not murder? And it had spread further. Serving time in prison soon only meant that you’d served time in prison. As a country, we gave up on rehabilitation and trusted that treating released convicts as subhuman wouldn’t kill us as a people.

As if.

As if.

Now I’ve just got to go deliver these flyers. No, nothing serious. Yes, they’re red. For sedition.

© Lee Barnett, 2008


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