Countdown to 2016

Posted: 11 November 2015 in 2016minus

Yes, it’s been a while. I haven’t blogged since Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader. Not that I’ve had nothing to say, but… I’ve had nothing to say that anyone would want to read.

However, that was almost two months ago, and things move on. 


It happens every year: someone will complain about the start of the Christmas season appearing to commence earlier every year. In fact, as Nick Doody reminded me today, Hils Barker once said that it’s called the Christmas ‘season’ because it lasts three months.

And yes, it seems to start earlier every year. And yes, the complaints about that also seem to start earlier every year. 

But there are traditions to be maintained, dammit. 

And, over the past few years, I’ve had my own christmas tradition on this blog. And a couple of other traditions as well. For various reasons, a couple have fell by the wayside, but since 2012, I’ve done a Twelve Days of Fast Fiction leading up to Christmas Eve, and while I’m still considering it this year, it’s more likely than not that in a couple of weeks, a set of emails will go out asking twelve people I know to challenge me once again to come up with short stories for them, under the rules of the fast fiction challenge.

In case you’ve no idea what I’m talking about – and let’s face it, it’s me, so that’s quite probably – here are 2012’s stories, 2013’s and 2014’s.

Another, well if not tradition, something I’ve done a couple of times has been a series of countdown entries. I first tried this counting down to 2014. It… didn’t go well. But when I tried it again, both leading up to my 50th birthday in 2014 and again leading up to the general election in May 2015, it went better. I enjoyed writing them more and people seemed to enjoy reading them.

All of which leads up to what I’m planning for the next seven weeks or so.

Tomorrow, it’s fifty days until 1st January 2016. And tomorrow, you’ll see a post entitled “2016 minus 50” about… well, I have no idea what it’ll be about. That’s the fun part about writing a countdown blog. I’ve genuinely no idea what I’ll start blogging about that day until I start writing. There’ll be some politics, some slice of life stuff, some comments on the latest series of Doctor Who, television I’m enjoying right now, and some I’m not, maybe a classic fast fiction or two, maybe just a set of links to stuff I find interesting one day. Honestly? I haven’t a clue right now. 

I’m also genuinely unsure at the moment whether the fast fictions – assuming they occur – will be part of this countdown or whether they’ll be separate posts. I’m tempted to the latter to be honest, but we’ll see.

Anyway. Tomorrow the countdown starts. 

See you then.

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