2016 minus 46: this might explain a lot

Posted: 16 November 2015 in 2016minus, life, personal
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Not for the first time, far far from the first time, I’ve been made aware this weekend that children today not only don’t understand what it was like to be children in the UK in the 1960 and 1970s, but literally can’t imagine it. How can they possibly do so? And no, I’m not neccessarily talking avout the tech that’s now available nor the utter complete difference of ‘being online’, although I’ll state for the record that children are exposed to more genuine ‘bad news’ on the news than we ever were simply by virtue of the sheer ubiquity of news sources.

Further, this isn’t any kind of ‘we ’ad it tough back then’; in many ways, us kids growing up in the 1960s and 1970s had it far, far easier than children do now. There were some things that were tougher, but an awful lot that was easier. For all the comments about schools and exams ‘dumbing down’ and ‘grade inflation’, I don’t recall us having one-tenth of the genuine pressure on us to learn for the test that seems to exist from a terrifyingly early age. I can’t comment upon the overall quality of teachers since I was lucky enough to have almost exclusively excellent teachers, almost all of whom I look back on with fond memories. And from what I gather from children I know today, at primary and secondary education, often the same applies now. I’m old fashioned enough to think that the best measure of whether a teacher is good or not is how the children regard them after the teachers have finished teaching them. It may not be the most objective, but as a measure, it works for me.

For various reasons, and with various children, I’ve seen a lot of childrens’ television over the years and it occurs to me to wonder how many of childrens’ televison today will be remembered fondly by those same chidlren in thirty or forty or fifty years time. Because, of course, mine was if not the first then close to the first generation to grow up with childrens’ television.

And thanks to youtube, there’s plenty of example of opening credits to aid failing memories and in which to wallow. Here are some of the childrens’ TV programmes I watched as a child. It might explain a lot…

Catweazle (Currently, and for a couple of years, my mobile phone ringtone)

The Banana Splits

H R Puffnstuff

Hector’s House


Ace of Wands

The Freewheelers

And, of course, Doctor Who. Huh. Wonder if anyone else remembers this programme.

See you tomorrow with something else…

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