2016 minus 28: idle curiosity

Posted: 4 December 2015 in 2016minus

Well, bone idle curiosity since I’m too lazy to come up with anything else today. So, a dozen thoughts and questions, to which I want responses and answers. Yes, after three weeks of writing this, you do some work, readers:

  1. What’s the best current reasoning why the US moved to mm-dd-yy format from the British dd-mm-yy. I’ve heard lots of guesses, and many suggestions, but what’s the latest theory?
  2. I wonder what the NRA’s equivalent would be in the DC or Marvel universes? I know that both in Marvel’s Civil War (the comic book storyline at least) there was a Congressional impetus for the Superpowers Registration Act, but would there be a well funded – by various supervillains – campaign that “powers don’t kill people; people kill people”?
  3. What is the oldest cliché in the book?
  4. Come to that, what was the commonly used predecessor of ‘the best thing since sliced bread’?
  5. Having recently reread it, Dez Skinn was right; a far better title for the John Cleese co-written “True Brit” (What if Kal-El’s rocketship had landed in England) would have been Fawlty Powers.
  6. If nobody buys a ticket to a movie performance, do they still show the movie? Similar question: what if it’s a performance in the theatre?
  7. If a doctor had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other doctors in the theatre work on the doctor or the patient?
  8. How does hair know which length to grow to? (i.e. why is the hair on my hair longer than the hair on my body? And similarly, what’s the evolutionary reason for underarm hair?)
  9. How come refrigerators have little lights in them but freezers don’t?
  10. When undertakers dress a corpse for viewing, do they put underwear on the corpse?
  11. How often do ‘crime reconstruction’ tv shows receive telephone calls identifying the actors as the real purpetrators of the crime that the police are looking for?
  12. And finally – one that’s always bugged me: the invisible woman is in a room with no windows and non-reflective walls. The only light is a single bulb. She turns the bulb invisible. Does the room go dark? What if the walls are reflective?

OK… go.

  1. Kate the Short says:

    7. Depends on what the surgery is. They would likely split and half stabilize the patient while half work on the doc and call for help.

    10. If the family brings it, yes, they put on the underwear. In fact, most times the undertakers / body preppers are frustrated because families forget to bring bras, socks, underpants, and shoes.

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