2016 minus 27: another saturday smile

Posted: 5 December 2015 in 2016minus, saturday smiles
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It’s odd; as we approach what marketing people, movies and shops insist is ‘the happiest time of the year’, fewer and fewer people I know are having anything close to a ‘good time’ right now. Not everyone I know falls into this; indeed, a friend just got engaged and I know she, her fiancée and their families are thrilled and very happy indeed. And further, their friends are all delighted for them. On the other side of the coin, however, I’ve friends that are going through pretty shitty times and I’m less than filled to overflowing with the compliments of the season. However, more on that tomorrow, I think.

Today, let’s go back to the saturday smile, some videos to hopefully lighten your mood for a few minutes; I’m not promising anything other than watching them might shift the gloom for a short while. And I hope that it does.

after watching A Touch Of Cloth, it’s impossible to watch police procedurals the same way again. From long ago, Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis make it impossible to watch old war movies the same way again either.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the BBC. And, recently, an old promo did the rounds based upon the “what did the romans ever do for us?” routine from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Less circulated these days but equally as good is this promo – also from some time ago – about children’s television. How many do you remember…?

Remember Porridge? Norman Stanley Fletcher and the crew? A BBC ‘mockumentary’ series entitled Life Beyond The Box examined what happened to favourite characters after their time on our screens ended. Here are two clips from the one about Fletcher et al.

The first reveals whatever happened to McLaren, played by Tony Osoba

And whatever did happen to Fletcher…?

Back tomorrow…

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