Twelve Days of Fast Fiction 2015

Posted: 11 December 2015 in 12DaysFF, Christmas, fast fiction
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As we’re approaching the end of another year, what else could it be? Well, OK, it could be any number of things but it is in fact the return of Twelve Days of Fast Fiction. What’s that? I hear you cry in your multitudes. Or at least one multitude. Or possibly a crowd. Ok, you, over there. Yes you; you were wondering, weren’t you?

OK, so in 2012, quite some time since I’d answered any challenges to write fast fictions, I wrote twelve stories in response to twelve challenges issued by friends and creators. I had a blast doing them, the creators seemed to have a blast reading them, and from the responses I had to the tales, and the downloads of the ebook that resulted, so did people reading them.

And then in March 2013, for Comic Relief, I wrote twenty-four in twenty-four hours. Yeah, that was… fun probably isn’t the word, but hell, it was a unique experience and unique challenge, (unless I do it again, of course), and again, people seemed to like them. And we – the creators, the readers and I – raised about £1,600 (about $2,600) doing so.

So, that was nice.

At the end of 2013, I did it again: Twelve stories, one a day, leading up to Christmas and again in 2014

And now… 2015’s Twelve Days of Fast Fiction commences on Sunday. I’m delighted that each of the challengers have said yes, and I hope they – and you – will enjoy reading the stories as much as I’ll enjoy writing them.

The challenge was the same in each case, the usual fast fiction challenge:

Give me a title of up to four words in length, together with a single word you want me to include in the tale, and I will write a story of exactly 200 words.

So, starting Sunday 13th December, I’ll be answering challenges from twelve very special people, each of whom are supremely talented in their own fields.

Who are the twelve? Well, here are the first few names, with six more to be revealed later. 

I’m very grateful they’ve agreed to challenge me; the stories will start appearing Sunday. 

  1. Kenn McDonald says:

    This makes me happy.

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