2017 minus 64: Saturday Smile

Posted: 29 October 2016 in 2017 minus, saturday smiles
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It’s Saturday, so here’s some odds and sods that’ll hopefully give you a bit of light relief after yet another hard week in 2016.

Since I gave you some YouTube videos last week, here’s something a bit different.

While I enjoy strip cartoons, particularly those with an ongoing storyline, there’s something about the one-panel gag that I particularly appreciate. And though I enjoy editorial cartoons (I particularly recommend the work of Ann Telnaes of The Washington Post if you’re into them), there’s something different, something especially appealing to me about the timeless ones. Like this:


And cartoons regarding my previous profession… all of which I enjoy immensely.

And then there’s Bad Newspapers (which used to be known as Criggo). Enjoy.

This post is part of a series of blog entries, counting down to 1st January 2017. You can see other posts in the run by clicking here.


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