2017 minus 37: Way up high… 

Posted: 25 November 2016 in 2017 minus, London
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While I’m scared of wasps and bees, I apparently don’t have a phobia.

To my delight, I discovered a while back that a phobia is an irrational fear, and since wasp and bee stings hurt, what I have isn’t a phobia but good old fashioned rational fear of being stung, and the associated pain therefrom.

Fortunately for this post, neither do I have an irrational fear of heights. Good thing too, as in my time I’ve been fortunate enough to have been in some very tall buildings: the BT Tower, the Gherkin (officially ’30 St Mary Axe’ but everyone calls it The Gherkin) and others.

Less than a decade ago, I was in New York for a bar mitzvah. I’d already been told that while the Empire State Building deserved its iconic status and indeed, I’d been up there years earlier, if I truly wanted some great views, I should go to The Top of The Rock, otherwise known as 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Once I got up there, I saw what everyone meant. While the Empire State is slightly taller, the view back then was, maybe still is, obstructed by vertical railings. Spectacular views… but not exactly designed as a place from which to take photos.

Top of the Rock on the other hand? Well now. Instead of the railings, plates of thick glass, with a few inches gap between each one. Not only was the glass clear enough to shoot pictures through, but the gaps were more than wide enough to do the same.

And the views? 

Occasionally, I get to do the same in London.

Like this morning, when I managed to get – after some time – tickets to The Sky Garden in Fenchurch Street.

I’ll shut up for a moment and just let you see the photos.

Well now.

The weather was pretty much perfect; enough sunlight, possibly a tad too bright, but no clouds and you could see for tens of miles… Glorious.

For all that I love walking around London, for all that I can happily lose myself in the world of London Below, I forget sometimes just how great, how wonderfully great, London is from above.

As for walking around London, it appears that Christmas is approaching…

These are the Christmas lights in Regent Street…

This post is part of a series of blog entries, counting down to 1st January 2017. You can see other posts in the run by clicking here.

  1. Stu Nathan says:

    The Regent St lights are particularly good this year.

  2. marypicken says:

    Fabulous photographs

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