55 plus 06: [enter title here]

Posted: 23 August 2019 in 55 plus

First off, thanks to all for the responses and messages after yesterday’s 50 plus 05: er… e.r.? Eh? No, A&E. post. To quickly answer the most common questions:

  • Yes, I’m feeling a bit better, thank you.
  • Yes, I’m still very sore, but less so than yesterday
  • Yes, I probably could have been nicer to everyone while I was in hospital. (I’m not aware of being horrible, but it’s not exactly off-brand for me.)
  • Taking it very easy
  • Only a couple of shows
  • Yes, the Benns are pretty wonderful people; no argument there, and once again, they were very good at looking after me.

I’m still very tired, however, so no big blog post today; here instead are some of my favourite single panel and strip cartoons of recent vintage.

XKCD is wonderful. And has an instantly distinctive style. Here are some of my favourites.

And finally, shorn on context, one of my favourite single panels from any comic, ever. From Freakangels, by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield. Because, sometimes, we’re always like Arcady, the character below.

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