55 plus 26: bad newspaper

Posted: 12 September 2019 in 55 plus
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Yeah, I know that this week’s blog posts have been pretty light, and pretty unserious as well.

I’m just not in the mood, for lots of reasons, to comment on serious issues. You should probably go read some actual pundits and go watch the news, read some columns from people whose judgements you trust, if you want proper content.

Occurs to me, though, that after almost 80 or so daily posts – after a break from blogging of more than two years – I’d usually just take a break… but I’m genuinely concerned that if I do that, the break will stretch into days, weeks and possibly months.

So I want to keep posting something on a daily basis.

Even if it’s just light, ephemeral stuff.

Like today, when you get some silliness from badnewspaper.com, the renamed criggo.com.

I was going to say earlier – when recommending ‘proper’ comments you should read that you should maybe go read a newspaper, but on the other hand maybe not…
















And, just to prove once again that it’s never the reporter who writes the headline:



Something else tomorrow, maybe something of, y’know, mine.

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