55 plus 39: Slices of time

Posted: 25 September 2019 in 55 plus
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I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately, What with the week long run of Doctor Who related posts, and then a couple of ‘stories from the vaults’ yesterday specifically on the subject of ‘time’.

And I may complete this week’s posts with another couple of posts about ‘time’ or Doctor Who and then put the subject to bed for a bit.

But since I have been thinking about time, I also wondered what I’d have been writing about had I been blogging for the past ten years on this day.

Well, I wasn’t blogging on this day each of the past ten years, but I was probably on twitter.

So let’s take a look at what I was blogging about or tweeting about on this day back through the years.

(Note, if I didn’t actually tweet on the day, I’ll take the closest day I can find, ok? OK.)


…25th September 2009:

Well, the 26th to be precise. I chose this one because it’s a never ending ‘huh, I wonder…’ for me. Back then, I was on LiveJournal, running a thing I called budgie’s squawks, and I had something like 300 people following the blog; ‘friends’ in the terminology LiveJournal used. And, like many, most of them didn’t comment on the blog posts. OK, far more commented than comment here – not complaining, but it’s rare if I get any comments, let alone from multiple commenters.

But I’d often get comments on Livejournal… from the same couple of dozen people, so I asked, in that entry:

This is for people who don’t or at least only rarely comment in reply to entries.

Who are you…?

I’m curious.

(Also wondering who’s actually reading this blog, as opposed to who can read it.)

And I got responses; some folks were ‘hey, you remember me?’ and some were ‘I’m reading, but I never comment’.

It did the trick; people commented more often afterwards.

Ah, how times change.

25th September 2010:

I was in the middle of a long fast fiction challenge run: 150 stories in 150 days, one per day. no matter what, I would write one a day. Whether that story was written at 8 in the morning or half-eleven at night. One a day.

I was broken by the end of the run; hell, I was probably broken two-thirds of the way through it. But it remains one of the best writing things I’ve ever done. And I’m very proud of most of the stories in the run. This one? Well, I don’t know. Reading it now, it works as a story, and it’s a nice dark twist at the end, but I think I’d write it differently now, with less telegraphing – to me, anyway – of the eventual ending, in every sense of the word.

25th September 2011:

I’d finished the LiveJournal blog a month earlier; it wasn’t doing what I wanted any more, wasn’t giving me what I wanted any more, and a few things inside LiveJournal were beginning to concern me. I wasn’t so much taking a long break from blogging for a while – I’d done that earlier in the year, and it was the first seriously long break I’d taken from blogging since 2003 – but a new start was much needed, in tone, and in content.

So I kicked off this place on 1st October 2011.

And I said Hello, did a brief introduction, and moved on…

25th September 2012:

Took a much required break from social media and blogging from late August until mid October. (Main reason, though not the sole one, was because I was in the middle of a pretty comprehensive breakdown, was in hospital, and then back at the flat but still very, very not… right.)

So you get this, the last post I wrote before I took the break.

It was something I used to do on LiveJournal and tried a few times here but it never quite worked here; I think it needed the ‘community’ LiveJournal encouraged and wordpress never quite did in the same way. It was a ‘teach me something’.

To be more precise, it was me saying, and I’m going to reproduce the post because I really wish it had worked on the couple of times I tried it here:

Some years ago, there was a series of guide books to software entitled Tips, Tricks and Traps. Written distinctly with tongue firmly in cheek, the books purported to be merely a guide to the very important, nay vital things you needed to know in order to use a specific piece of software. Of course, the books were nothing of the sort – they covered everything from the very basic to the quite advanced.

They all ended up with three ‘lists of ten things’, which were essential reading. The first was “Ten Things you really do need to know”; the second was “Ten Things that it’s very helpful to be able to do”. The last was the genius bit: “Ten Things you’ll need beer for,” the idea being that with these things, it took too much time to learn how to do them, so it would be much easier to go to someone who really knew the software and say to them: “if I buy you beer, will you please do this for me?”

Now, I have no beer, but I sometimes get incredibly envious of the skills possessed by other people.

Time to address that envy, I think.

Teach me one thing about your job, or a skill you possess, something that the odds are that I don’t know. (Note, I’m not asking what skills you possess – I’m requesting that you teach me something about that skill…)

You want examples? OK, well, say you spend your professional life writing. Then tell me how you get over ‘writer’s block’. Or if you can touch type, what’s the hardest word to type, and how do you remember it? You’re a whiz at teaching others mnemonics? Then teach me some. Or if you write gags, how do you know what’s funny and what’s not? Or if you write web pages, did I know that by sticking <b> and </b> around a word, I’ll make it appear emboldened? (Well, “yes“, is the obvious answer to that one…)

Other examples people have taught me over the years include:
– how to feed a cat a tablet
– a sommelier explaining how he decides the description of a wine
– the key to cleaning up images for icons
– how to breed fruit flies
– the best way to corner at speed
– a teacher taking me step by step through the process of the “you’re about to be in trouble” stare
– how to design a room
– the placement of word balloons
– how to learn a really difficult piece of music
– to create a genuinely blind hem on a satin bridal gown or other formal outfit
– how to calculate the flow of bubble bath when you bathe
– how a cover teacher knows your name in class (when you don’t think they do)

Go on then – teach me something about your job, or a skill you possess.

But as I say, it never quite worked in the same way.

Ah well, moving on, and closer…

25th September 2013:

Have a tweet.

Ah, the missions.

I used to hand out missions on Twitter before I went to bed.

I should get back to that at some point, I guess.

25th September 2014:

Have another tweet:

No comment on that, other than that I still have them around in Dropbox, filed somewhere or other.

Anyway, moving on…

25th September 2015:

Hmm. congratulations, mr corbyn… and goodbye . No surprise that my twitter account and, occasionally, the blog became substantially more political and angry from this point on. I’ve written here and elsewhere what changed. No need to go into it in this entry. But yeah, things took a darker, and certainly less pleasant, tone.

25th September 2016:

We’re back to Twitter for the rest, I’m afraid and I didn’t blog in September 2016, and then took 2017, 2018 and most of 2019 off from blogging before returning in June 2019 for the ’55 minus’ run which extended into the ’55 plus’ run you’re now reading.

Erm, see what I meant earlier?

Let’s skip forward a year.

25th September 2017:

Oh, come on…

Maybe last year?

25th September 2018:

OK, yeah, that’s more like the me everyone knows, at least.

And now we’re at 25th September 2019:

Well, there’s this blog entry
Something else tomorrow…

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