55 plus 54: I still got nothing

Posted: 10 October 2019 in 55 plus

Yesterday’s post, in which I freely admitted that I had nothing of any real value to say after the horrible events in Germany, wasn’t so much a howl of despair as a whinge of… whinge-iness.

But Germany hit me harder than I’d expected, and I was a mess yesterday. It’s not the first time a synagogue has been attacked, nor the first time people have died as a result.

But much like the attack on a Jewish community centre that occurred while a brit milah was taking place, this attack taking place on Yom Kippur hurt.

It was deliberate, by an antisemite, holocaust denier. And it was deliberately on Yom Kippur. That fucking hurts.

So, today, some stuff that doesn’t hurt.

Not silliness, no. That I save for the Saturday Smiles. Besides, it would seem… disrespectful, you know?

So, some nice stuff. Some stuff that just… doesn’t hurt.
A lovely clip from a Roddy McDowell interview, about working with Elizabeth Taylor, among others


Robin Ince, on the woodland adventures of a father and son

A lovely fan animation: Dr Who running through time and space


And one final, very sweet, moment from Sesame Street

Something else tomorrow, probably.

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