2020 minus 62: Something nice

Posted: 31 October 2019 in 2020 minus
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Well, that didn’t take long.

Under 48 hours since the House of Commons voted to hold an election, 24 hours after they started getting their campaigns to gather, and on the day that Labour’s election campaign starts…

I’ve already seen people effectiely saying antisemitism is a price worth paying to get a Labour government. They’re not even denying it now; there’s little of the “it’s all smears”, not much “it’s all false allegations, and you know it”; the message has obviously gone out: it’s us or them. Let’s face it, there are bigger issues. If Teh Jooz won’t vote Labour, then it’s because they lack “human empathy”- yes, I saw that today – or “are selfish”….

If I wrote a full entry on this today, I’d end up having to delete it; I’m too angry, too upset, too tired, and too likely to not delete something I should.

So, instead, something nice. Several somethings nice, I think. There’ll be plenty of time for the anger, and the upset, and the disappointment at others, and the fury, another time.

Instead, some nice things.

Here’s the actor Brian Cox giving a lesson to a very, very young actor:

Now, you may well have seen that before.

What you may not have seen was the sequel. Well, not quite. But Cox was later asked about it when he was interviewed by Mark Lawson, and… well, this is also lovely.

OK, something else nice.

An ad I saw when in the US. It’s always stuck with me. Could be cloying, but somehow manages not to.

A very old promo for the BBC, one of my favourites, however

Charlie Brooker’s wonderful tribute to Oliver Postgate

And just because: the opening to A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To The Forum

OK, that’s your lot today; something else tomorrow.

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