2020 minus 51: The second 30-Day Song Challenge

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About six weeks ago, I put up here, for posterity, my answers to the 30-Day Song Challenge.

It’s started with:

Well, that was fun…

It’d been ages since I’d done one of these, and seeing various friends do it, and my missing #ThisIsMyJam, I figured why not.

The rules were simple.

Basically, this:

And then I put up all the videos from the run in a single post: this post.

After that ‘thirty day’ run, Al Kenendy suggested another thirty days’ worth and I was having such fun doing it, I completed that as well.

So, as before, since it’s kind of nice to have a permanent record of such things, here is what I chose:

DAY 31: a song you first heard in a movie or tv series

Well, I first heard THIS as the theme tune to the tv series COVER UP, which – given the credits below – was probably just as bad as I remember the show being.

Holding Out For A Hero | Bonnie Tyler

DAY 32: a song with a place in the title

I’ve heard many versions of this song (most recently at the end of Good Omens, sung by Tori Amos) but I always particularly liked this version…

A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square | Rod Stewart

DAY 33: a song that gets stuck in your head

Oh, this one – after I first heard it – got stuck in my head for months.

Suddenly, I See | KT Tunstall

DAY 34: a song that refers to another song or artist

I was very so tempted to put one of half a dozen of Mitch’s (particularly ‘Victoria Did’), but there’s more of his coming.

So here’s something else, an old favourite.

America Pie | Don McLean

DAY 35: a song from the year you left school

Lord knows what ‘when you left school’ means if you did A-levels then uni; I’m guessing it means ‘doing your O’levels, GCSEs’, age 16, so… 1980.

And in 1980, I loved this song.

Geno | Dexy’s Midnight Runners

DAY 36: a song you know the words to off by heart

I’ve been a fan of Flanders and Swann as long as I can recall, especially of the lyrics of Michael Flanders, who created some of the best ‘stunt rhyming’ around.

Friendly Duet | Flanders and Swann

DAY 37: a song that reminds you of winter

Well, it says “winter” not “Christmas”. Hmmm.

OK, this one then.

Hazy Shade of Winter | Simon & Garfunkel

DAY 38: a song without any guitars

I suspect Al will think I’m cheating to go fully a cappella, but I’m going to anyway.

Only You | the Flying Pickets

DAY 39: a song that sounds best when listened to through headphones

Best listened to through headph—? Oh, I see: one you’re embarrassed to let other people know you like.

It didn’t mean that?

OK, here’s a song.

Me and Charlie Talking | Miranda Lambert

DAY 40: a song featuring an unusual instrument

Oh, I think there’s one obvious response to this request.

Lady of Spain | Marvin Suggs

DAY 41: a song you always make other people listen to

Distinct from the earlier ‘a song you think everyone should listen to’, presumably?

Well, I was sending everyone this at the turn of the year. It’s still a good aim.

Happier New Year | Mitch Benn

DAY 42: a song that got you through hard times

I don’t think a song has ‘got me through hard times’. I don’t tend to use music for that. But this is one that could do it for me…

In My Mind | Amanda Palmer

DAY 43: a song about a real person

I was delighted to learn a while back that this song’s about Don McLean. Originally written and performed by Lori Lieberman but I prefer the cover attached.

Killing Me Softly With His Song | Roberta Flack

DAY 44: a song about a breakup

Oh, I think this one does the job quite nicely.

I Will Survive | Gloria Gaynor

DAY 45: a song with food or drink in the title

Was going to go with Sundae Girl by Blondie, but everyone would shout at me.

So, instead…

Strawberry Fields Forever | The Beatles

DAY 46: a song with lyrics in a language other than English

Doesn’t say whether ALL the lyrics have to be in a language other than English, or just some of them.

I’m going for the former, since the original was in German…

99 Luftballons | Nena

DAY 47: a song you would sing as a lullaby

Well, obviously this one.

Lullaby For The Real World | Mitch Benn

DAY 48: a song best listened to late at night

Late at night for me means they’re on in the background while I’m writing, or working on something, or just… thinking.

Just… there.

I put this album on the other night.

The Boxer | Simon & Garfunkel

DAY 49: a song that grew on you

There are half a dozen already in this thing that qualify.

But here’s one that definitely did. Never particularly liked it. Have grown to like it more over the years.

Year of The Cat | Al Stewart

DAY 50: a song that gets you psyched up

Huh. Genuinely don’t think there’s a song that does this. I don’t think there is, anyway.

But there’s this, which always makes me walk just a little bit faster…

It’s Raining Men | The Weather Girls

DAY 51: a song that reminds you of someone you miss

No comment, just the song.

Pretty Flamingo | Manfred Mann

DAY 52: a cover you heard before you heard the original

Oh, an easy one. One I remember hearing, and then being told ‘oh, you know that’s a cover…?’

Tainted Love | Soft Cell

DAY 53: a song featuring at least two vocalists

An easy one. I’ve heard several version of this; Liz Ryan’s is particularly good. But the original? Perfect.

Joyce The Librarian | Richard Stilgoe and Peter Skellern

DAY 54: a song you would use as your entrance music for a sporting event

Heh. I don’t care that everyone would be confused and wondering why…


Magnificent Seven Theme | Elmer Bernstein

DAY 55: a song about behaving badly

Ah, the amazing Kirsty Newton, with a song Mitch Benn wrote very specifically for her.

(Intro first; song starts at 1:15)

Now He’s Gone | Kirsty Newton (with Mitch Benn, and Ivan Shepherd)

DAY 56: a song by an artist you don’t otherwise like

I’m glad this says merely “don’t… like’ rather than “actively dislike”. Plenty of the former, fewer of the latter.

Never really liked anything else he did, but:

The Last Farewell | Roger Whittaker

DAY 57: a song you’d use to get a party started

Depends on what kind of party, I guess.

But how about this?

Brown Eyed Girl | Van Morrison

DAY 58: a song that makes you laugh

Oh, where the hell do I start?

(In the original run of this, I somehow used a song of Mitch’s I’d already used: Lullaby For The Real World. Oops.)

So, here’s another song:

Fifty States | John Oliver and a load of kids


DAY 59: a song with a day of the week in the title

Well, since I couldn’t use it earlier, let’s use it today.

Sunday Girl | Blondie

DAY 60: a song you want played at your funeral.

Pshaw. Obvious, really, for many reasons.

4’ 33” | John Cage

Extra note: when I originally put this song up, a couple of people thought I was just being, well, just being me. As in, ‘Budgie doesn’t want any music played’. No it’s not that. Well, ok, it’s not only that. I’m Jewish, and you don’t have music at a Jewish funeral. Hence the ‘for many reasons’.



Well, that was fun…

I’ve taken a short break doing a ‘something a day, every day’ on Twitter, but come December, I’ll kick it off again with something else. So you can either follow my choices, usually posted about 6pm UK time, on Twitter at @budgie, or wait and I’ll probably put them up here when completed.…


Meanwhile, the usual something else tomorrow…

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