2020 minus 25: It’s beginning to look a lot like a Saturday Smile…

Posted: 7 December 2019 in 55 plus, saturday smiles
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Silliness, even in the roughest of times, the worst of days, is never unimportant. Indeed, as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate silliness as one of the best, the most superlative, things about humanity.

And after yet another week when the only sensible reaction to the news is to answer Twitter’s ‘What’s happening?‘ with a groan, a shrug, and a wince, here’s some much needed silliness.


Let’s start this week, with the glory that is What’s Opera, Doc? If you haven’t seen this, you’re in for a treat. If you have, then you know what a treat it is. Enjoy.

Have some Stewart Francis being daft, just because why not…?

And here’s some Milton Jones, at the same veune

Ever ordered a large round of drinks? Yeah, me as well. Ronnie Barker shows us how it’s done.

Sir Humphrey explains to his minister The Five Standard Excuses in Yes, Minsitsr

Mitch Benn lays out the rules about celebrating Christmas before December.

But it is December now…

See you tomorrow, with something else.,

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