2020 minus 19: I [still] got nothing

Posted: 13 December 2019 in 2020 minus


I mean…


I wish I could blame my lack of anything sensible to write and/or say on purely the election results. As I said yesterday, I’ll probably have something to write on it after the weekend.

But I can’t. Well, not entirely. Thanks to an early present from someone who knows me very well, I cracked open a bottle of single malt at 10pm as the exit poll was released and drank steadily through until I fell asleep about 4:15 this morning.

And I was up at half-seven. So I’m tired. And irritable.

I stayed off Twitter last night; well, stayed off tweeting at least, merely reading the takes from people, and answering a couple of direct questions. But other than that, no.

So between the lack of sleep, last night’s scotch and just feeling so, so pissed off…

…I still got nothing.

So, here are some more cute videos.

[There should be a Saturday Smile tomorrow but fair warning, there might not be. Theres a good possibility I’ll be… unavailable… to blog anything tomorrow, so if there’s nothing, ah well, I think is the only appropriate response.]

Here are some cute kittens

Don’t like kittens? Here are some cute puppies

No? How about a baby echidna?

Still no?

OK, here’s a baby laughing at ripping paper.

See you tomorrow, maybe.

  1. The kitten video helped me. Thanks.

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