2020 plus 04: A Saturday Smile? Oh, why not?

Posted: 4 January 2020 in 2020 plus, saturday smiles
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Housekeeping:: Yeah, I genuinely went back and forth as to whether to retire the Saturday Smiles for 2020. For one thing, it’s getting harder to find videos or clips or even funny stuff that I haven’t used at least once before. And while some of them are definitely worth a re-airing, it’s not fair nor sensible to keep pulling out stuff I’ve put up in this slot before.

On the other hand – ah, Tevye, thank you – on the other hand, the central message of these posts is still relevant, perhaps more relevant than ever.

So for the moment at least, they’ll continue.

Silliness, even in the roughest of times, the worst of days, is never unimportant. Indeed, as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate silliness as one of the best, the most superlative, things about humanity.

And after yet another week when the only sensible reaction to the news is to answer Twitter’s ‘What’s happening?‘ with a ‘how the hell should I know?’, here’s some much needed silliness.


I’m always had a soft spot for Marvin The Martian. Here’s some of his history.

Rachel Parris shows you how to deliver a public apology

Here’s Laurel and Hardy. What else do you need to know?

While I loved the clever and satirical congs of Flanders and Swann, sometimes you just need some silliness from them.

Johns Bird and Fortune, as ever being wonderful; This time, George Parr is a senior diplomat at the British Embassy in Washington during the time of George W Bush…

OK, one of my favourites from Mitch Benn, this time, about a certain song that’s hard to track down…

See you tomorrow, with something else.

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