A Life In Pictures, December 2020 Update

Posted: 31 December 2020 in life, personal, phil

You know, after sixteen years, I was going to skip this annual update.

Genuinely, and seriously. For various reasons, I just wasn’t going to bother this year. Half a dozen messages over the past 36 hours asking me if I was doing it – and if so, when – changed my mind.

Kind of surprised me. After all, as I stress every year, this whole thing only started as a bit of a giggle in 2004, something to amuse and horrify in equal measure; I never intended to do it again… and again… and again.

And yet, somehow, it’s evolved into an annual tradition for me. (As well as for others, given the usual responses of “awwww” at the admittedly cute pics of me as a small child.)

On the other hand, I’m occasionally asked Why do you do it? My usual cheat of an answer is simply: Oh, why the hell not?

I mean, it’s not as if I think I look great as a teenager, or at any point since then, really, although I’ll acknowledge that I looked at least passable once I got married. And I’ve been about as embarrassed as I’m ever going to get by the pictures.

Another common answer to the question: people who haven’t previously seen them get the unfettered joy and silliness of joining in the mockery… And while that’s true, and honest, it’s probably not the whole truth.

But it’s as close as you’ll get. And this year more than most, people can do with something to be silly about.

So… preamble over, it’s the 2020 update to A Life In Pictures. The 2020 mockery and silliness should naturally follow.

As always, I’ve removed a couple of shots from previous years, and added some new ones. Unlike 2019, for pretty obvious reasons, there aren’t that many shots from 2020. However, as with the last couple of years, thanks to some technical wizardry, there are some new ‘old’ pics – newly digitised pics from my past – that appear in this post for the first time.

So, ok, without any further ado… in chronological order…

Those are the earliest photos I’ve got of me… looks like they were taken the same day; my older brother is in the background.

3 years old

Three brothers – must be around 1967 or 1968, so I’d be around 3½ years of age?

Aged 4

I’m five, I think, here in this shot and the next one.

It was 1972, ok? And I was at my brother’s bar mitzvah. I was eight.

My son takes great delight in this shot – I think I was 10 at the time.

Me at age 11. I still remember the wallpaper; very, very odd gold pattern to it.

The main ‘man’ – my barmitzvah, August 1977

Three brothers – my barmitzvah, August 1977

Starting the dancing – my barmitzvah, August 1977

Just after my 15th birthday

August 1980, I’m 16 – yes, that is a curly perm. Shut up.

November 1982 – Freshers’ Fair at Manchester Poly

1983 – me at the PULP office, 2nd year at Manchester Poly.

Age 21, at a work leaving do, having left Manchester Poly a month or so earlier.

1985, at my brother’s wedding… at which I was best man. Yeah, 21 again.

At my dad’s 60th birthday in 1989, aged 25, more than thirty years ago. Shocking.

Three brothers – 1991, I believe

1994 – A nice one, from Laura’s and my wedding day – aged 30

A low res shot from the wedding that I discovered in the archives…

I love that I found this next pic. Laura’s still one of my favourite people on the planet. And this is another great pic of us on our wedding day. And yes, ahhh I had dark hair back then…

This next one’s an odd one for lots of reasons; first off, it’s obviously my BBC pass from when I was writing for WeekEnding on Radio 4; secondly, when I visited New York just after 9/11, it was better as ID for getting me into buildings, places, meetings than my actual passport… even though it had expired six years’ earlier…

The earliest pic I have of my lad Phil (excluding ‘scans’). Me, a new dad, aged 31. And so, so tired.

Me holding my son… he’s 18 days’ old here.

Yeah, another ‘Budgie plus baby’ pic, this time he’s three months old…

Me in New York, January 1998, just after we lost Mike

Part of a formal family shot, mid-1999

June 1999 – my spiritual home

August 2000; taken by Phil – he was five years old at the time

October 2001; New York, six weeks after 9/11; visiting Ian

May 2002, Hypotheticals – not a happy Budgie

mid-2002, taken for a WEF World Wide Wednesday

Bristol, 2003. You can see the greying hair now…

July 2004 – working at the office

December 2004 – at my nephew’s bar mitzvah. See? I scrub up nicely occasionally. Three generations of Barnetts.

Not exactly sure when this was taken but would have been around now…

August 2005 – at Brighton. First picture for ages that I’m genuinely happy with.

September 2005, last picture of the Nissan before I crashed it…

October 2005. Again, a photo taken by Phil…

April 2006, at the flat.

Me in mid-2006, looking very serious for one reason or another.

Again, mid-2006.

Me in December 2006… looking slightly more relaxed.

May 2007, Bristol, Saturday night, at around 2 in the morning… very relaxed… aided by what Alistair Cooke used to call ‘The wine of Scotland’.

May 2008 – Phil and me at Comic Expo

May 2008 – Me interviewing Dave Gibbons at Comic Expo

October 2008 – Me and Phil, studio shot for the bar mitzvah

November 2008 – formal pic for Phil’s barmitzvah.

July 2009 – At the BERG 40th Anniversary Apollo 11 drinkup (pic by Matt Jones)

November 2009 – Me and Phil at a friend’s son’s barmitzvah.

July 2010, on Mastermind. No, not an illusion; you’re not allowed to wear black for the show…

August 2010, at Laura’s

October 2010, from Phil Tanner’s Photos – Mitch Benn ‘Proud of the BBC’ video shoot) The actual video’s here.

December 2010, after the office party

October 2011, trying out a beard… not quite yet… but give it a year…

Laura took this one in April 2012 – not a bad shot of me, all things considered.

And then I had my hair cut…

Lost my father in October 2012 – here’s the progress of the shiva beard before trimming it down

Sequence of shots, demonstrating Lesson 1 about falling asleep in a friend’s house where children live. Don’t
(November 2012)

This final one attracted the title “… and all the woodland creatures gathered around, for they had never seen a creature such as this in the forest.”

Me, at The Leveson Inquiry. The reading of the summary, not giving evidence…

The delightful Clara Benn proved that I’m tiny when sitting next to Mitch Benn…

Isn’t perspective fun?

Met up with an old friend, and wandered around Camden with him. A nice afternoon…

And so to 2013…

Well, in March, I did a charity event where I wrote twenty-four stories in twenty-four hours for Comic Relief.

That’s Mitch Benn in the background, writing his comedy album, which he did also within twenty-four hours.

Phil turned up to support us…

And I got progressively more tired, and more silly, as the hours passed…

A small accident with the beard trimmer led me to shave off the beard I’d had for roughly a year…

Most people were glad I grew it back almost immediately

Towards the end of the year, there was something new… a mini-me. Or to be precise, I was scanned for a 3D printing of myself. Very strange to see myself post-scanning on a screen…

But that was nothing to seeing the actual result…

In July, managed to catch up with an old friend, at his reading of The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains at the Barbican. One of my favourite photos, entitled Two beards (old friends attached).

Around the same time, I wrote a post on the rising tide of overt anti-semitism in the UK, and that I’d personally faced. I used the following shot to illustrate it. I was and still am very happy with how it turned out.

Some time ago, remember, the delightful Clara Benn had taken a shot which proved I was substantially smaller than Mitch, tiny in comparison, in fact. November 2015, she proved it again…

Once again: isn’t perspective wonderful?

Never liked the next shot in colour, I do, however, really like it in black and white. From mid-2016.

Anyway… Moving on…

Towards the end of the 2016, close friends had a baby, and I got to say hello both in October and November. I’ve never hidden how soppy I am about babies. I suspect these photos prove it.

And this is the shot, at the end of 2016, that convinced me that if I ever do get a hat, it’ll be a Homburg, not a Fedora…

And in December 2017, this one of the new[er], short[er] haircut.

In August 2018, my lad Phil was in town for a few days. We realised it had been a while since we’d had pics taken of the pair of us. So here are two.

And, of course since we had that pic, and I had a similar one from almost exactly ten years’ earlier, I was kind of obliged to put the two together. I really like this image.

In October, I attended the Brexit march for a People’s Vote. It ended up with 700,000 people… plus me.

Same march, with Mitch… No idea why my hair looks so… flat, almost skullcap-like, in this shot, but I really like how it looks.

And so to 2019…

It’s rare there’s a pic of me that even I will reluctantly admit is a good shot, especially if it’s a selfie, but you know what? I really really like this one…

Of course, that was after a haircut.

I look decidedly less good immediately before a haircut…

(2020 edit: When I took, and stuck up, the above shot, as always it was just for a giggle. It genuinely didn’t occur to me that in 2020, there’d be pics that made the above ‘before’ shot look coiffured.)

I just wish any pics from Edinburgh didn’t look like I’d photoshopped me into previously taken shots…

Oh yeah, I was in hospital in Edinburgh. I wasn’t impressed…

Here’s another post haircut pic…

And so, to 2020… with everything that you’d expect: ie very little happened that involved taking photos.

Although, Mitch’s 50th birthday in January was one such event. I mean, I could have put a dozen shots up from it, but here’s just one, with Phil:

Operation Haircut performed in March; quite like this ‘portrait’ shot.

March 2020: Who knew it was to be the last haircut for a while…? OK, I was one of the lucky ones; I had a haircut just a couple of weeks before lockdown. But lockdown then came, along with this fun prezzie/mask from Phil:

Lockdown lifted in July 2020, but it was possible – if another liockdown came, to be quite some time before I had another haircut, so I went short this time.

One more mask shot. You know, had you asked me before this year whether I’d look worse in a hat or a mask, I think I’d have said a mask. Now? I’m genuinely unsure.

US Election night; November 2020; me and the Benn’s labradoodle Merry.

And, to end, the by now common answer to ‘what did you do over the Christmas break, budgie?’ (Amusingly – well, I find it amusing, anyway – this donation was the slowest ever’; took ages to get the blood out of me. I’m guessing that even my blood was lazy and fed up of 2020 by now.)

OK, that’s your lot for this update.

And, as I wish everyone a happy new year, one full of love, joy, and health and much silliness, the traditional benediction:

Mocking may now commence.

(Oh, since I’m regularly asked: the iPhone app I’ve used in recent years to digitise snaps so they’re effectively high resolution scans is a free Google app called Photoscan. I genuinely can’t recommend it highly enough. IOS version; | Google Play version)

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