57 minus 31: Yes, another Saturday Smile

Posted: 17 July 2021 in 57 minus, saturday smiles
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Silliness, even in the roughest of times, the worst of days, is never unimportant.

Indeed, as I’ve grown older, if not wiser, I’ve come to appreciate silliness as one of the best, the most superlative, things about humanity.

So, after another week when the only sensible reaction to the news is to answer Twitter’s ‘What’s happening?‘ with a hearty ‘how the fuck should I know?’, here’s some much needed silliness.

For this run, I’m going to try and find, each week, three archive clips, one example of something that’s just… nice. And then end every week with something from my mate Mitch, who fortunately has continued to provide videos over the past year.

For this week, however, there’s a theme. You might be able to detect it and wonder why I’ve chosen this theme. A glance to the right should explain why.

Ok, let’s start.


Simon Pegg, surgeon, on the phone, from Big Train. We’ve all been there…


I never thought that Michael Spicer had nightmares. But when Matt Hancock resigned, and especially WHY he resigned… well, it must have given him night terrors in case he was asked to do a video on all of that… Here’s Michael’s farewell to Hancock, anyway.

Here’s some more of Johns Bird & Fortune, this time on the NHS.

This week’s ‘nice’ smile(s): I used to work in telly. I’ve seen a few of these ‘thanks to everyone involved’ videos over the years. I still think this one, from the end of David Tennant’s run on Doctor Who is up there with the best, and best natured, of them all.… 

An older one from Mitch, but given the anti-vaxxers around right NOW, here’s one from the vaults that’s always worth showing to the sun… Vaccinate Your Kids

See you tomorrow, with something else… probably related to the image shown above.

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