57 minus 29: Slices of time

Posted: 19 July 2021 in 55 plus
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I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately, what with having a fair bit on my hands for most of the next week.

But since I have been thinking about time, I wondered about this blog, and past blogs, and…

…what I’d have been writing about on this day had I been blogging for the past fifteen years.

On some of them I was blogging, of course, because they took place during one of the countdowns I’ve done, or for other reasons. On some 19ths of July, I wasn’t blogging, but odds are I’d have been tweeting.

Slices of time. I’ve no idea why I’m writing this other than that it amuses me, and I’ve genuinely no idea what I was thinking about a year ago, or the year before that, or in 2009, say.

And that’s a good enough reason for me to want to find out.

So let’s take a look at what I was blogging about or tweeting about on this day back through the years.

(Note, if I didn’t actually tweet on the day, I’ll take the closest day I can find, ok? OK.)


19th July 2006:

Well, I was still on my former blog back then. And, I was on the second run of fast fiction challenges. My heavens, the second run, that takes me back. It was a story entitled I Have Air Conditioning, and it’s a weird little tale but one I quite like still.

Due to my ‘fiction from the vaults’ posts on Tuesdays, I’ve read a few of the old tales and it’s striking – to me, anyway – how brutal some of the language I used was. Looks like I went through a phase where I used adverbs very sparingly, and adjectives to quickly convey a tone as well as a description. I’m not sure whether I’d write the stories the same way again, but even if they might be a tad more polished now, I do like the rawness of them as originally written.


19th July 2007:

Ah, lurkers. Remember them? Livejournal was a great blogging platform, and this was in the days when people did, sometimes, reply to blogs, where there was a genuine interaction on occasion between those writing blogs and those reading them. And lurkers were A Thing, people who you knew read the blog but never ever commented. Which, as I say, occasionally irked. So, yes, this post – Lurkers… Delurk! – was designed, hopefully, to get lurkers to say ‘hello’, to introduce themselves and maybe, just maybe, get them commenting more often.

Sidebar: oops

I hit the wrong link while doing this and came across something I think it’s; worth mentioning.

I was hoping, when I started this, that one of the things this post would reveal to me, and possibly others, was the differences between a) blogging then and blogging now, and b) the different platforms. And this post from August 2007 – Quick favour needed… graphics – is firmly in the first of those. Because it’s a general ‘help?’ post, asking for advice on how to achieve a specific thing I wanted to do graphically.

We used to use blogs (and message boards) for things like this. I can’t imagine using the blog for it it now; I’d ask on Twitter instead. This is one of those things that I tcan honk is very definitely better now than then. On Twitter, you get quick responses, or one at all. And you end up with far more links to step-by-step instructions now as well.

(Looking at the post, and when it was written, just after I’d got my first iPhone, Looks like i was hoping to use the Gibbons designed hypotheticals logo as my iPhone 3G wallpaper. I must have taken the advice, and liked it, because I’m still using the logo as my iPhone 12 Pro wallpaper.)

Looking later, I find the perfect complement to the post immediately above. Remember I said we sometimes used blogs to ask for help? This post from August – Smarter… Better… Gooder… – was a follow up, thanking people for the advice for which I’d asked in an earlier post, this time about a new FTP application to use.

Remember that as well? Thanking people for their advice? Happens less on Twitter, and Twitter is the worse for it.

OK, back to This Day In History

19th July 2008:

This comes up every so often, and it’s worth sticking it in here since it was on the day itself. Worth a mention and then moving on… 13 years ago, I was writing about my fucked-up-foot.


19th July 2009:

Around this time, my lad had busted his hand, pretty badly. His tendon had snapped and he required a couple of major operations. Some wonderful artists sent him some wonderful artwork, with characters’s arms in casts or slings, to help him feel a little better. This was one of the posts containing one of the pieces of the art.


19th July 2010:

Another fast fiction, since I was then doing a 150 day run of them, this story entitled Sometimes We All Implode, a fun title to play with; a rather less fun story resulted.


19th July 2011:

I took a break from blogging during the first three-quarters of 2011; I really wasn’t in a fit state to blog. I was… ill, and a couple of stays in hospitals, including one for mental health. I really wasn’t well at all.

However, in July I was tweeting.

And I tweeted this.

And I was referring of course to this


19th July 2012:

So I kicked off this place on 1st October 2011, but I didn’t blog in July 2012, so instead…

Ah, the missions.

I used to hand out missions on Twitter before I went to bed.

I should get back to that at some point, I guess.


19th July 2013:

Ah, how nice. A blog post that I not only recognise but one i refer to on a semi-regular basis even to this day.

Budgie’s Law of Popular Television, y = x + 2

It’s my law and I still think it applies. Of course a law only really counts when other people quote it, and I was wholly and unreservedly delighted last year to see it in the wild.


19th July 2014:

No blog entry on the 19th in 2014, but a post on the 10th that’s worth highlighting. At the time, the government was saying that trades unions, when consulting their members on possible strike action, should have a minimum turn out for a strike ballot to be valid.

Not only was it incredibly stupid, and self-defeating, it was also woefully hypocritical.

And I said so, and showed why, in this post: Turnout fine again…


19th July 2015:

OK, now we’re getting a bit closer to ‘now’. 2015.

In July 2015, the Labour Party were in the middle of a leadership contest in which Jeremy Corbyn was the front runner. Hmm.

I’d already written earlier in July a post expressing my… disquiet on that, and how I was hoping in vain, it turned out – that the winner would be ABC: Anyone but Corbyn.

But the closest to the 19th? That’d be on the 15th, when I wrote about my despair at Labour generally and how it would be nice to actually have an opposition at the time. Opposition? What Opposition?


19th July 2016:

We’re back to Twitter for a bit, I’m afraid I didn’t blog in July 2016, and then took 2017, 2018 off before returning in June 2019 for the ’55 minus’ run which ran through the whole of 2019.

You get two tweets because I genuinely couldn’t decide which I liked more.


19th July 2017:

How some things never change. I still wonder.


19th July 2018:

How some things sadly never, sadly, change.


19th July 2019:

A blog entry! We have a blog entry!

I returned to blogging in 2019, with a countdown blog to my 55th birthday. I was about a month through it…

And on 19th July, I wrote one in a series of what later became the Ten Things series. 55 minus 29: One-offs, part 3… pilots Reading it now, it’s a fun piece, I think, and while I’m not sure if I’d include some newer shows now, but yeah, it’s nice that I still agree with myself from two years ago.


19th July 2020:

I was really not in the state of mind to write a blog this time last year. I had nothing to write that people weren’t already writing.

But I was tweeting about Wacky Races, apparently.


19th July 2021:

Well, there’s this blog entry…

See you tomorrow, with… something else.



Fifty-seven days. Fifty-seven posts. One fifty-seventh birthday.

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This post is part of a series of blog entries, counting down to my fifty-seventh birthday on 17th August 2021. You can see the other posts in the run by clicking here.

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