57 minus 04: Ten, no wait, Sixty TV themes I like… Part the First

Posted: 13 August 2021 in 57 minus, television, ten things
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OK, this is a weird one, I’ll admit.

I can’t say it started on Twitter this week; Twitter this week merely provided a timely reminder that I’d said I might do it.

Y’see, every so often, someone on Twitter will put out a tweet. Say, something like this.

Now, at least he’s being somewhat fair. He did say ‘three’.

Often, whoever’s asking won’t; they’ll want you to identify your favourite tv theme.

And equally often, I look at such a request in bafflement.

Because, just as with movies, or songs, I can’t limit it to one. Nor even three. Maybe a dozen or so.

(I have an exception, just about, for my favourite novel. That is, and has been from the moment I discovered it, Irving Wallace’s The Man, of which a dear friend bought me a first edition for my fiftieth birthday. It’s one of my fondest possessions, I admit. It even smells like an old book should.)

And, with a lovely synchronicity, I wrote, on goingcheep, the other day:

Every so often the “what’s the best tv theme” question does the rounds on Twitter. And I can’t answer that question; I can never answer that question.

Because I can’t narrow it down to one answer. I can’t even narrow it down to 20.

A while back, out of boredom, I think, I found a site which let you download the audio of the theme, and I stick some in my iTunes. And use some as ringtones. And every so often, when I remembered one I liked, or came across a new one I liked, I’d go to the site, grab it, add it to the playlist.

Genuinely didn’t have a clue how many I had on the playlist until just now. When I checked. And discovered I have almost 150. Yeah, that may be too many to call it a casual thing.

And now I’m wondering whether to do a 50 tv theme tunes I like next Friday.

Someone talk me out of it.

So, no of course I’m not doing 50. That’d be daft. because I couldn’t even narrow down the list to 50. So, what the hell…? Here are sixty I like.

Not all in one post; that would be daft. (And would push WordPress’s ancient platform to reload the page every so often.)

So what I’m gonna do is provide ten at a time, for six weeks.

Which, I guess, kind of makes my mind up as to whether I’m going to continue into a ‘57 plus‘ run after my birthday. Not the hugest surprise, but yeah.

Oh, and these themes are not in order of ‘preference’, just in alphabetical order. Even if that means two of my genuine favourites – Washington: Behind Closed Doors, and The Zoo Gang – are relegated to the bottom of the list, and will appear in five week’s time in the sixth part of this mini-series.

But there’ll be some you expect to see, no doubt. There’ll be some you’re surprised at, no doubt. And there’ll – hopefully – be one or two that you’ve either never heard of, or had entirely forgotten.

Anyway, here we go

Theme 01: The Addams Family

I’m sure there are more ‘clickable’ theme tunes, but none spring to mind. This is one that always gets a smile… Although I’ve taken it from the tv series, gotta be honest and say that I prefer the casting, and the tone, of the first movie, with Raul Julia and Angelica Huston, and the wonder that is Christina Ricci.


Theme 02: Airwolf

There seemed to be a slew of tv theme tunes in the 80s that started with a rhythmic machine sound. Airwolf beat them all.


Theme 03: Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The perfect meld of tune and subject matter. Just perfect.


Theme 04: The A-Team

As with Airwolf, there seemed to be a fair few tunes that stated with a narration (The A-Team beat them all) and more than few with a first few notes sting (ditto). So of course this makes it in.


Theme 05: The Banana Splits

One of the very sentimental ones; I remember sitting on the couch watching this with my big brother. Always a fond memory.


Theme 06: Batman – The Animated Series

Not sure why this one works so bloody well; there’ve been more than a few Batman themes, more than a few animated super-hero themes. This wins every time. It’s so good.


Theme 07: BBC Cricket

Entitled Soul Limbo, by Booker T and the MGs, in case you wondered… Surprised me when I checked, given my lack of interest in sport, that two made it through the cut. This and Ski Sunday, which will be along in a few weeks. But yeah, of course this made it in.


Theme 08: Blackadder The Third

Like several other shows in this series, there are several I could choose from. I’ve never liked the first or the fourth series’ themes, but it was a tossup which made it in to this list between the second and third. The third just takes it for… for… I honestly have no idea why I prefer it. But I do.


Theme 09: Blockbusters

Another sentimental one. Before the hand jive, before Bob Holness started to believe his own publicity. Before it became A Thing, Blockbusters was just a neat tv show I enjoyed watching, with a cracking tv theme.


Theme 10: Blue Peter

Another one where there are multiple versions; I’ve chosen the Mike Oldfield version… I just like how… clean it is.


OK, there’s the first ten. Another ten, from Bonanza through Dallas next week

See you tomorrow, with the usual Saturday ‘something else’…



Fifty-seven days. Fifty-seven posts. One fifty-seventh birthday.

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