57 plus 10: Ten, no wait, Sixty TV themes I like… Part The Third

Posted: 27 August 2021 in 57 plus, television, ten things
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[This is Part The Third of this series within the run; click on the links for Part the First, Part the Second, and the ‘extra’ post about Who]

OK, time for the third part of this run through tv themes I like, in alphabetical order.

Why am I doing it? Well, I laid it out in detail in the first part of this thing, two weeks ago, but honestly? It’s just a bit of fun and a longer-than-strictly-necessary answer to the question:

‘What is your favourite tv theme?’

Because I don’t have one answer. I don’t even have ten. There are dozens I like, for various and different reasons.

Look, I tried to narrow it down, honest I did.

But I couldn’t, and, equally honestly, I didn’t really want to.

So, anyway, here are another ten themes I like from my iPhone’s playlist of 150 or so. And as with last week, there’ll be some that won’t surprise you, possibly one or two that might… and, again, just maybe one or two you weren’t aware of, or had entirely forgotten.

Anyway, here we go…

Theme 21: Falcon Crest

We ended up with Dallas last week, and now we have what, to my mind, is the best of the rest, the best theme tune of the 1980s blockbuster evening soap operas. From the opening bars, it says ‘this is big’, and the rest of the opening titles show it as well. (Not for nothing, I always liked the show as well; something about how the goodies were never quite that selfless, but the baddies were out and out pantomime villains who usually – but not always – thought themselves the heroes.

I read years later that it was written as the anti-Waltons, and given that it was created by the same fella who did that show – Earl Hamner Jr – I can’t altogether blame him.


Theme 22: Fame

One of those themes that from the first seconds you not only know what’s playing, you’re glad to hear it. A pretty much perfect setup for the show you’re going to watch, the theme had several versions over the years, and I’ve a personal preference for the earlier cast, but to be honest, they were all great.


Theme 23: The Family Ness

I’d say this is a guilty secret but it’s no such thing. I’ve no idea what the show was like, to be honest; I never watched it. But I love this theme tune more than is appropriate for a grown adult. There’s just nothing wrong with it at all.


Theme 24: Follyfoot

This is from a show I barely remember as a kid. Not quite true; I remember the set up and the characters, including one lad who was supposed to be a ‘bad boy’ but it was very much a 1970s kids’ show, so not that bad. But the storylines? The main story, the relationships between the characters? Nope. Hardly any of that.

But wow that theme tune. Very different to anything else at the time, and I remember it very fondly.


Theme 25: Good Omens

One of the few very modern shows in the whole list, for several reasons. For a start, so many shows these days have 10 or 20 second ‘sting’ and then they run the episode, while overlaying the opening credits. It’s a pity; I – pretty obviously – miss the days when shows had proper minute long opening titles.

The other reason this show is in here is because I really like them. the theme is glorious, the animation is fun, and the combination is glorious.


Theme 26: Grandstand

One of the most recognisable of British sports tv themes in history. In part because effectively the same theme, with various arrangements, was used for decades, and because there was bugger all else to watch on a Saturday afternoon.

Again, a theme that’s perfect for its genre; this is so obviously about sports that it barely needs saying.


Theme 27: Hawaii Five O

Every so often, someone will be introduced with “and here’s someone who needs no introduction… but I’m going to deliver one anyway.”

Here’s the single theme that, possibly only Mission: Impossible and Doctor Who apart, is the single theme that genuinely needs no introduction. So I’m not giving it one.


Theme 28: Hill Street Blues

One of the first US tv themes that became A Thing. Very different to anything else that had done the rounds; it was gentle, and clever, and told you from the first moment: this isn’t Starsky & Hutch, this isn’t Kojak, this is something… different. It felt like a family show, which it shouldn’t have. It was a cop show. And yet the opening worked superbly for the show.


Theme 29: JAG

I’m a sucker for military based theme tunes, marches. Honestly, I am… you’re gonna see that in a later week as well. JAG‘s is just about perfect, and does exactly what it’s supposed to. The first season’s opening titles seemed almost embarrassed that it was a show about military law, but later seasons’ titles were confident enough to show it was at least partly set in a courtroom.

Always slightly bugged me that The Last Ship didn’t have a military based theme; was about all that was wrong with the show. But yeah, JAG got it right. And it’s a pretty good alarm tone on your phone as well.


Theme 30: Joe 90

It’s always puzzled me why there hasn’t been a live action remake of Joe 90. The original? Yeah, I enjoyed it as a kid, but I suspect that if I watched it now, I’d wince at it in a way I don’t at Thunderbirds. But the theme is great; just odd enough to keep you interested and wanting to know more.



OK, part the fourth next week, with another ten from Laverne and Shirley (yes, really) through one of those shows I bet hardly anyone reading this will remember: Nationwide.

See you tomorrow, with… the usual Saturday ‘something else’.



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