57 plus 17: Ten, no wait, Sixty TV themes I like… Part the Fourth

Posted: 3 September 2021 in 55 plus, television, ten things
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[This is Part The Fourth, click on the links for Part the First, Part the Second, Part The Third, and the extra post I did about the Who theme]

OK, time for the fourth part of this run through tv themes I like, in alphabetical order.

Why am I doing it? To be fair, if you’ve read this far, you probably know. But just in case you’re new to the blog… I laid it out in detail three weeks’ back in the first part of this thing, but honestly? It’s just a bit of fun, and a longer-than-strictly-necessary answer to the question:

‘What is your favourite tv theme?’

Because as I’ve shown thus far, I don’t have one answer. I don’t even have ten. There are dozens I like, for various and different reasons.

And, I tried to narrow it down, honestly. But I couldn’t, and with equal honesty, it’s fai to acknowledge that I didn’t really want to.

So, anyway, here are another ten themes I like from my iPhone’s playlist of 150 or so. And as with last week, there’ll maybe be some that won’t surprise you, possibly one or two that might… and, hopefully, maybe one or two you weren’t aware of, or had entirely forgotten.

Anyway, here we go…

Theme 31: Laverne and Shirley

I thoroughly enjoyed Happy Days as a kid bnut I was never its biggest fan. But the first time I saw Laverne and Shirley as characters, and then saw their own show, I abolsutely loved it. Everything about it, including the very weird opening to their theme. But while there was no-one on Happy Days that I would have liked to know, would have liked to have met…

…I very much would have liked to have known Laverne and Shirley as people, even though they probably wouldn’t have thought much of me, either at the time or now.


Theme 32: Law & Order

I’ve chosen one of the openings from later on in the run, mainly because I liked the ensemble cast the final few seasons.

But with the exception of the pilot (which kept the same theme but had different visuals) and it being a bit shorter than the first few seasons, this is pretty much how the titles were through the run.

Theme 33: Law & Order | UK

I like the “UK” version of the show and I really like the theme tune. Very different from the US parent, but I like it a lot.


Amusingly, someone created an US version with the UK cast, using SVU theme and graphics. I kind of like this as well, but it’s very… odd.

Theme 34: Lost In Space

One show where the first theme the show used wasn’t the one that it became known for. Great theme, catchy as hell.


Theme 35: MacGyver

Oh gods, this one’s good. Nothing wrong with this one at all, except these days you watch it and cannot believe his hairstyle… But yeah, the opening, the setup, the pay-off.

Just about perfect.


Theme 36: Magnum P.I.

Always on the list of cracking tv themes, usually next to the A-Team. At the time, I think the final quirky eye-brows bit added to it. These days, I don’t think any visuals would have hurt. Just spot on for the show it was opening.

The only strange thing about the titles that strikes me now is the lettering. It looks… odd, somehow. And I couldn’t tell you why. It just looks like it’s from a different show entirely.


Theme 37: Mike Hammer

A bluesy, messy, melancholic theme for a messy, melancholic, bluesy show. With the exception, possibly, of his appearance in the Bourne movie from a few years ago, Keach was better in this than in any other thing he did. And the theme tune did what it needed: set up the show you were about to watch.


Theme 38: Miss Marple

I think this is basically someoen taking the original background graphics and refining the lettering. Either way, the theme is once again just about perfect for Miss Marple. Very “English garden’ with just a hint of ‘isn’t everything just a bit too perfect?’ laced in.


Theme 39: Murder One

I’d never seen a show like Murder One before it screened; I don’t think I’ve seen one as good since. And the titles exemplified that. Original, clever, and you’re constantly off-balance. One of only two shows that – when it was on – I actively avoided reading anytghing vent tangentially related, just in case I stumbled across a spoiler. (The other was the first season of 24)


Theme 40: Nationwide

A magazine tv rfegional news programme in the UK when I was a kid. The theme tune was the best thing about it, and one I actively looked for when I discovered the website with thousands of themes.


OK, part the fifth next week, with another ten from The New Avengers through Screen Test.

See you tomorrow, with… the usual Saturday ‘something else’.



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