57 plus 24: Ten, no wait, Sixty TV themes I like… Part the Fifth

Posted: 10 September 2021 in 57 plus, television, ten things
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[This is Part The Fifth, click on the links for Part the First, Part the Second, Part The Third, Part The Fourth, and the extra post I did about the Who theme]

OK, time for the fifth and penultimate part of this run through tv themes I like, in alphabetical ordert.

Why am I doing it? Well, I said in detail four weeks ago, in the first part of this thing, but honestly? It’s just a bit of fun and a longer-than-strictly-necessary answer to the question:

‘What is your favourite tv theme?’

Because I don’t have one answer. I don’t even have ten. There are dozens I like, for various and different reasons.

Look, I tried to narrow it down, honestly.

But I couldn’t, and didn’t really want to. So, anyway, here are another ten themes I like from my iPhone’s playlist of 150 or so. And as with previous weeks, there’ll be some that won’t surprise you, possibly one or two that might… and, again, maybe one or two you weren’t aware of, or had entirely forgotten.

Anyway, here we go…

Theme 41: The New Avengers

There were a couple of versions of this opening titles sequence; one with no fancy graphics, and then this, which was to my mind by far the cleverest opening sequence The Avengers ever did in any incarnation. I like this one a lot.


Theme 42: News 24 Countdown

There’s no way I should like a News theme, particularly one that I often skip through when it’s pops up on telly. I just want the news, after all, not the preface.

But shorn of the actual news itself, I really like this as a theme. It’s clever and authoritative.

Ok, two bits of entirely unwarranted fun, since I’ve included the News 24 Countdown.

I arguably should have included this as an extra in the Doctor Who theme post… but better late than never…

And this… well, this is just sheer joy, and we need more sheer joy in life.


Theme 43: Pinky and the Brain

They redid the theme with new lyrics and new arrangements when the Animanicans returned last year. I prefer the original.


Theme 44: Pot Black

Pot Black was a knockout snooker thing, featuring, usually the top 16 players. It wasn’t a tour event, the winner got a trophy and nothing much else. And yet, it was required viewing when I was a kid if you liked snooker. Much more relaxed that tournament, this for the first time was people who were obviously for the most part friends playing each other. And you got to see them a bit relaxed. There’s no reason why they should have used George Botsford’s Black and White Rag, performed by Winifred Atwell, for Snooker but it bloody works perfectly, doesn’t it?

Theme 45: The Professionals

Once again, a show that had several theme tunes, but this one show where the transition fucked up. The first one – shown below, because I like the voiceover – had a voiceover. Then they switched to a new sequence, the one most people remember, that didn’t have a voiceover. And some idiot, when it went into syndication, just added the voiceover to the non-voiceover videos, and it’s over video that very much shouldn’t have a voiceover. So the voiceover makes no bloody sense at all on those episodes.


Anyway, here’s the original.


Theme 46: The Protectors

Perfectly edited video over a perfectly edited and arranged instrumental of The Avenues And Alleyways. (They used the full song as the closing credits.) just superb.


Theme 47: Question Time

There are so many versions of this theme tune, that I just chose one I like if for no reason other than it lasts longer than the ten seconds or so version that they started using a few years back.)


Theme 48: Rhoda

There’s a line in the opening introduction that I don’t believe a single Jewish person in their 20s didn’t recognise from their own mothers and their own life. And a superbly catchy theme tune.


Theme 49: The Saint

Absolutely perfect for the show, absolutely perfect for the graphics, absolutely perfectly catchy, and immediately identifiable. I like it.


Though, to be fair, the Return of the Saint was pretty good, and clever, as well.


Theme 50: Screen Test

This is one of those that I bet that maybe, maybe, only one of those reading this will remember. A quiz show for kids, I loved it. And the theme tune stuck in my head for decades afterwards.




OK, part the sixth – the final part – next week, when we cover from Ski Sunday through to The Zoo Gang.

See you tomorrow, with… the usual Saturday ‘something else’.



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