57 plus 41: Some cogitations about comics

Posted: 27 September 2021 in 57 plus, comics
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I’ve been thinking about comics today. And friendships. And the friendships I have from comics.

Not overly surprising given my unexpected day in the company of a very clever, very funny, very nice, comics writing friend yesterday.

But yeah, I’ve been thinking about reading comics and writing comics and how so much of a huge chunk of my life was involved in comics.

Whether it was reading them, or writing some, or going to comics events and comics cons, and writing hypotheticals and putting on hypotheticals

And also about with the exception of the very first of those – the reading comics bit – it hasn’t really been part of my life at all for most of the past decade.

And, further, how for the first time in I can’t remember how long, I’m thinking that I want it to be again.

Which is odd. No, I mean it. It’s weird. I mean, it’s never been something that I’ve regarded as ‘a part of my life that’s over, a part of my life that won’t ever return‘ (as I do, say, about romantic attachments).

If you’d have asked me, though, I’d probably have said – with complete honesty – that while I’ve no doubt that I would at some point get around to going to comics drinkups again, and comics cons again… and maybe even crack open my script writing programme, and how I might just pull out an old uncomplicated script or even start a new one…

…that point would be, is, so far in the future, that even Superman using the Hubble Space Telescope wouldn’t be able to see it.

And now something’s changed. I’m not doing an ‘…and I have no idea why…‘ for the obvious reason that I know what’s occasioned it.

Three things. Three meetings with friends, over the past six weeks or so.

Thing is, what I don’t know is why these three things have done it. I’m usually pretty self-aware; when it comes to my flaws and faults, anyway.

(To be fair to them, various friends and acquaintances over the years have rolled their eyes – either literally or figuratively; sometimes both – at what they view as my entire lack of self-awareness about anything other than my flaws and faults.)

Just over a month ago, I met up with an old friend, a friend I’ve met through comics, for drinks. She was in town for a visit and we spend a pleasant few hours talking about past times. It was nice. And, during the evening, while reminding each other of times past, I remembered stuff I’d completely forgotten. That isn’t a conceit. I was reminded of stuff I had no memory of, but as the retelling commenced, suddenly the full fun or horror, depending upon the tale, hit me. Raucous evenings, drunken evenings, and oh my gods, so much laughter, from cons and drinkups past.

But that was all it was; a pleasant evening, reminiscing with someone who was there at the time. To be fair, though, as the American comedian Steven Wright justifiably observes, it’s a tad harder to reminiscence with strangers who weren’t there.

On its own it neither sparked a wish to get back into comics or even get back into going out and seeing people I knew again.

A couple of weeks after that, a friend I’ve known for even longer invited me for a catch up over coffee. We talked about our lives in the years since we last met, did some more reminiscing, and chatted about writing and about comedy, and about comics, and again about evenings past, spent in the company of other friends and much alcohol.

And it was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I did when we moved on to a regular comics drinkup that I haven’t attended in years. (Well, ok, thanks to covid, many people have not attended it for a couple of years, anyway.)

I didn’t stay long; with the exception of my friend, I barely knew anyone there. A couple of faces I faintly recognised, but it brought home to me how long I’ve been out of comics. Almost a decade; I mean, I’ve attended hardly any comics cons, say, since 2012. The occasional drinkup but not a con, where I’d have been likely to have met and got to know these people.

But again, that’s all it was. a nice time, spent in the company of nice people. And again, it didn’t provoke any feeling of ‘I want to write comics again’ or ‘I should attend more of these drinkups.’

But yesterday, yesterday was different. After I got home, I spent last night for the most part reading comics.

Oh, the telly was on in the background, and I watched the final part of the BBC’s big Sunday follow up to Line of Duty… Vigil. And it was… ok. I mean, not great, plot holes everywhere, some decent acting, and I never actually believed the ‘world-ending’ (or ‘national defence-ending’ to be more accurate) but it was… ok.

Not for nothing, though, if there is a follow up – there doesn’t need to be one, the story doesn’t need one, but this is the world we now live in – my single request would be to make the Detective Sgt in this one the lead character next time. I’m much more interested in her story and I’d be interested to follow her career. the actual protagonist? I’m not actually that interested, nor invested, in seeing more of her.

But yeah, between the time I got home and when i crawled into bed, I was reading comics. It’s been a while since that’s happened. And even longer since I read the trade paperbacks, and actually noticed stuff.

Stuff like

oh, that’s clever‘, and ‘oh, I see what you’ve done there‘, and ‘ah, ok, that plot point is going to be important, isn’t it?;’ and ‘ah, yes, I see why the dialogue is like that

So, no, I have no idea what about yesterday specifically kicked the writing bit of my brain into gear, and what kicked the ‘I should do more of this, I should see people more, people I like, and people who like me‘ bit of me up the arse…

But it did. And what astonishes me… is that I kind of like that it did.

See you tomorrow, with… something else.


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