2022 minus 49: It’s Saturday, So Smile…

Posted: 13 November 2021 in 2022 minus, saturday smiles
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As I write this post, I’m taking a break from wandering the halls at this year’s Thought Bubble comics con; it’s the first time I’ve attended a con in a decade or so, and after two hour of comics con following a decade without it, I needed a brief sit down and a coffee.

So, this post is being written at around two pm, though it won’t go live until about half four as usual.

So then… the usual: as I’ve grown older, if not wiser, I’ve come to appreciate silliness as one of the best, the most superlative, things about humanity. Silliness, even in the roughest of times, maybe especially on the worst of days, is never unimportant; a necessary break from the sheer nastiness of the absurdity in which we sometimes find ourselves.

So, after yet another week when the only sensible reaction to the news is to answer Twitter’s

     ‘What’s happening?’

with a hearty

     ‘how the fuck should I know?

I give you some much needed silliness.


I was reminded of this sketch on Thursday, and after trading lines from it for a while, I figured it definitely needed re-appearance here. Peter Cook’s wonderfully biting satire of the judge summing up in the Jeremy Thorpe murder trial. (Thorpe was the married leader of a major political party who was accused of trying to murder his gay lover. If you’ve seeen A Very English Scandal, that was about this.) It’s entitled Entirely A Matter For You.

Been long enough without a Two Johns piece; here they are, with Sir George Parr being interviewed regarding Investment Bankers.

A simple gag, but always executed cleverly as hell. Shoeshine Johnny from Police Squad

Lovely animation here, showing the scale of the universe.


A completely up to date one from from Mitch Benn this week, sparked by the ending of COP26

See you tomorrow, with… something else.



Sixty-one days. Sixty-one posts. One 2022 slowly approaching.

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