2022 minus 47: Waitwhat…?

Posted: 15 November 2021 in 2022 minus, stuff
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Have returned from Thought Bubble comic con, and find it hugely amusing that I had a night filled with nightmares.

‘Amused’ because almost uniquely, the nightmares ‘made sense’; they were about missing trains and having to make a speech in front of comics people and being crushed by shelves of books. So, yeah, they a) made sense, and b) were classic nightmare tropes… which are both very very unusual for me.

But I’m tired, so…

A longtime ago, I used to occasionally do this as part of the Saturday Smiles, but Saturday has long been reserved for videos, and since I’m still a bit tired, you get it today.

I first learned of this site when it wad called Criggo. I have no idea why it was called that, but when they switched to the more understandable badnewspaper.com, it saddened me.

Luckily, the content did not.

Here’s a supply of things that have appeared in newspapers in the past few years…

It does kind of make you wonder what happened exactly two weeks ago…

 No comment


You can, can you?

Nowhere else available? 

You’re looking good, Mary Ann… 

Fortunately, the bear didn’t have an AR15…

“How’s the locker room morale, coach?” 


Look at this charmong place!

Awwww, deer dancing! 

Good… guard dog? 

If you like your kids cooked well 

Yeah, that’s not gonna give anyone nightmares… 

Slightly… used? 

See you tomorrow, with… something else.



Sixty-one days. Sixty-one posts. One 2022 slowly approaching.

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