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55 plus 02: me me me… meme

Posted: 19 August 2019 in 55 plus, Meme, q&a
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I did a Q&A early in the #55minus run, and lamented – not really, but kind of – that blogging has changed since my days on Livejournal, where sooner or later everyone did one of those “Answer 100 questions with a single word for each” or detailed Q & A’s.

They were usually on Livejournal referred to as memes, although they weren’t really.

They were just something someone… did, and other people thought a) they were kind of a neat idea, b) they were a pleasant-ish way to pass half an hour completing, and c) that their friends might enjoy reading… and equally enjoy mocking the answers therein.

Some bloggers treated them with the utmost seriousness, answering every question honestly and without any deviation or guile. Others would treat them as opportunities just to crack gags, and smart arse replies. I’d guess, looking back, that I fell somewhere in between, where all of the answers were the truth, and nothing but the truth, but rarely – as a set – the whole truth. And any questions I didn’t want to answer, or felt uncomfortable answering, I’d answer with the aforementioned gags or smart arse replies.

As I say, I did one early in the run leading up to my birthday, but only the one.

Time for another.

As with the previous post, it’s part amusing for me, part horrifying, seeing which answers are the same as I wrote so very long ago (am I that staid? that unchanging?), which answers have changed, and which previous answers are incomprehensible to me that I did this, felt that, thought the other.

Still, those previous answers are for my pondering. You just get the current ones.

OK, some nonsense:

10, 9, 8…

10 favourites:
Drink: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee… Oh, you didn’t mean my ten favourite drinks? Well, the drink I most often drink is coffee. My favourite remains is a soft drink – Dr Brown’s Cream Soda. But you can’t really get it over here in the UK. I rarely drink alcohol these days, but when I do, it’s scotch. Single malt if available, blended otherwise.
Song: It varies day by day, let alone week by week. At the moment, have got Everywhere’s Uphill from Mitch Benn stuck in my head, for what might be obvious reasons….
Garment: Leather jacket, which I bought almost on a whim several years ago and it’s just about perfect.
Website: Purely on the basis of what site I always have open? BBC News site, probably. I’m a news junkie, I’m afraid, and the BBC site is so well put together.
Time waste: Twitter, unquestionably.
Memory: Couldn’t narrow it down to just one, but almost all of them involve Phil.
Movie: Couldn’t narrow it down’ depends on my mood.
Way to cook eggs: Scrambled, on toast.
Body part: Of mine? Oh, I dunno – my eyes, I guess; they’re usually the things that get complimented the most. But really, nothing. I’m not a huge fan of my body.

9 currents:
Mood: Looking forward to more Edinburgh shows.
Taste: According to those who know the music on of my iPhone, I have no taste.
Clothes: Long T-shirt, trousers. All black.
Lock screen: the hypotheticals graphic? .
Tiredness level: I’m fine; slept very well last night.
Time: about 11pm, UK time.
Surroundings: Edinburgh.
Annoyance(s): Myself, for various reasons…
Thoughts: See answer directly above.

8 firsts:
Tattoo: None, and there won’t be any. I have no problem with tattoos on other people, and indeed, quite like them at times… but not for me. Ever. (I always find it amusing, genuinely, at people’s reactions to my lack of reaction to tattoos. At some point, it apparently became necessary to have an opinion about tattoos and piercings. I’m not sure why.)
Heels: Stuck at the back end of my feet.
Partner: My ex-wife, I guess? Well, she was my wife before that. And my fiancée and my girlfriend. But the only person I’ve ever truly considered my “partner”.
Sex: Still the same one as I was born with.
Blog: LiveJournal.
Cellphone: A Nokia 5210, a fantastic phone that did exactly what I wanted, and no more… I still kind of miss it on occasion.
Memory: Being cuddled by an aunt. All I remember is that she was wearing a blue dressing gown and had brown/ginger hair. Knowing when she died, I must have been about two. And I can’t place that memory in context at all… (I do wonder how many people who remember very early things can possibly place them in context.)
Cigarette: November 1982. Manchester. Student Occupation of the polytechnic’s admin block.

7 lasts:
Cigarette: Around 11:30pm on 30th November 2016. I quit.
Food: A pizza, about an hour ago.
Drink: A glass of water.
Car ride: About a week ago, getting a lift to the station.
Kiss: From a friend’s kid when she was going to bed.
Song played: The Baby Song by Kate Lucas
TV show watched: Tonight’s news.

6 have you ever(s):
Danced naked: No.
Watched a sunrise: Yes.
Laughed so much that you wet your pants: No.
Lied to your mother: Many, many times.
Hit someone you didn’t know: Yes, but to be precise, I was hitting back.
Lied about your job: No, but was tempted after Enron to tell people I played piano in a whorehouse; it seemed somehow less embarrassing than saying I was an accountant.

5 When will you next:
Go on holiday: Coming to Edinburgh every year is my holiday.
Check your email: I have my email on permanently, on the iPhone and iPad.
Have an aloholic drink: Tomorrow evening.
Go out for the evening: Tomorrow evening.
Go to sleep: In about three hours.

4 things:
You did yesterday: Saw several Edinburgh shows, Saw friends, helped a friend celebrate her birthday, met some comedians I’d been fans of for years.
You can hear right now: The news on the telly, and the keys being tapped on the keyboard, my breathing, and someone getting ready for bed…
You’ve done today: Caught up with friends, laughed a lot, laughed some more, done a lot of walking.
You do when you’re bored: I have a very high boredom threshold. I’m very rarely bored.

3 people
You could give up your life for: Phil. Anyone else reading this can guess whether I’d do so for them.

2 choices:
Coffee or tea: The former.
Abba or The Rolling Stones: The latter.

1 wish:
It’d be nice, just once, to remember a good dream…

Some Questions, some answers

If you were going to describe your current mood as a traffic sign, what sign would you be?

How long have you lived where you currently live? Just over two and a half years; I moved in at the start of February 2017.

How long do you stay somewhere on average? Tough to say… As an adult, I’ve lived at addresses for as short as three months and as long as seven years.

Do you want a hug? A cookie? No to both, thanks.

What is the last article of clothing you purchased? A plain black t-shirt.

What’s the story behind your Twitter username? Oh Lord, is there anyone who doesn’t know? But you can go here to learn the origin story of ‘budgie’.

What’s the longest time you’ve stayed out of the country/where? 1980, from mid-July to mid-August. On a BBYO tour of Israel.

One thing you’re grateful for, today. Cocodamol.

What is your favourite high school memory? Surviving it without getting beaten up too many times.

What is your worst high school memory? Going into school the first day after having a curly perm.

Describe your dream wedding: 28th August 1994, the only wedding I need think about, and absolutely the only one I’ll ever have.

Read any good books lately? Yes, thanks.

Does size matter? Depends.

Is 15 minutes enough? Depends.

Worst fashion trend Anything I wore between the ages of 12 and 25. I was a barometer for fashion. “Look what Barnett’s wearing!” “Bimey, it must be ‘out’…”

The school picture you buried in your bottom drawer? None. I don’t mind being embarrassed about them.

Do you have any weird fetishes? Define ‘weird’.

What is one thing you will never understand about the opposite sex? Everything they do.

Who is your best friend? Jointly, Mitch and Clara Benn.

Who is your boy/girlfriend? Don’t have one; have been single for a very, very, very long time. Several Prime Minister’s worth of time…

Four things you’re doing right now:
1) Vaping
2) Typing
3) Breathing
4) Watching telly

Give yourself a porn star name: Ebeneezer Ramthrust.

Do you have any weird sleeping habits? Not that I’m aware of, and no one to say otherwise.

What do you plan to do this summer? Same as I do every summer, Pinky, conquer the world.

What is your favourite song right now? Paint It Black – Rolling Stones

Write a line from any song If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I’d want to do…

Do you know at least one Disney song by heart? Which one? Yes, Be Prepared from The Lion King. And no, don’t even think it.

Your typical sleepwear? Nothing. I live alone, and no one gets to say otherwise.

What’s in your wallet? Bank cards, picture of Philip, money, various membership cards, photos of Mike, business cards.

How much money do you have in your wallet right now? Two five pound notes.

What is your favourite pair of shoes? Karimoor trainers. They’re the best things I’ve found for my fucked up foot.

If you could’ve gone to your senior prom in a different outfit, what would it be? I’d not have gone. Come to think of that, I didn’t go.


Three Names I go by:
In rough order of how often they’re used:
1. Budgie
2. Dad
3. Lee

Three Jobs I have had in my life:
1. Junior in a hairdressers
2. Director of Finance and Administration
3. Writer

Three Places I have lived:
1. Luton
2. Richmond
3. Abbey Road

Three TV Shows that I watch:
1. Last Week Tonight
2. The Blacklist
3. Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Three foreign countries I’ve visited:
1. Bermuda
2. Russia
3. America

Three of my favourite foods:
Food? erm… Oh, ok.

  1. Smoked Salmon on rye bread
  2. Spaghetti Bolognese
  3. Pizza

Three songs you love:
1. “You’re My Home”, Billy Joel
2. “Love’s Been Good To Me”, Frank Sinatra
3. “A Night Like This”, Caro Emerald

Three books you would have read more than once:
1. “The Man”, Irving Wallace
2. “A Short History Of Nearly Everything”, Bill Bryson
3. “I’m A Joke, And So Are You”, Robin Ince

Three movies you love:
1. Air Force One
2. A Few Good Men
3. Fiddler On The Roof

Three Things I am looking forward to:
1. Seeing Grainne Maguire’s Edinburgh Show
2. Seeing Marlon Solomon’s Edinburgh Show
3. Seeing Andy Zaltzman’s Edinburgh Show

Three drinks:
1. Coffee
2. Water
3. Scotch

Three people you miss:
1. Mike
2. Phil, though I get to see him soon…
3. Lots of people I’ve lost contact with, either deliberately or otherwise.

Something else tomorrow…