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Merry wotsit, everyone.

Whether or not you celebrate, I hope that today has given you a day of peace and some respite from the general not-niceness that’s tended to suffuse this year.

I never really did Christmas; growing up in a Jewish family, it’s really not our thing, and no, since you ask, Chanukah is not “the Jewish Christmas.”

But I was fortunate enough to become friends with Mitch Benn et sa famille and they long ago brought me into their family.

Including Christmas.

I don’t know anyone who enjoys Christmas – all the traditions, the atmosphere, the whole thing – more than Mitch, and over the years – without even trying to – he managed to somehow get me to enjoy it.

I might write more about that at some point, but for the moment, let it suffice that I spent my usual lovely day with them today.

My friends know me well…

And Mitch knows me very well…

See you tomorrow…